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What is an easy way to know what mods in your load order need updating when switching to 1.5.97?

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I have a general idea of what KIND of mods (of almost 500 in my load order) might need an update, but I'm afraid I might miss some. With unlimited time on my hands I could manually try to check them all, but mainly I want to know if, for example, I can trust the tool vortex provides to know what mods need updating?

Obviously I would have to manually check the mods that are not from Nexus, of which I don't have a lot, so it wouldn't be a big hassle.


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The only mods that require an update whenever you update Skyrim SE/SKSE64 are mods with a .dll (SSE Engine fixes, Sexlab framework, SOS, etc.). In MO there is an easy way to apply a filter to list only these mods (and it applies to every mod installed, not just mods from Nexus). Once you have that list you can check for updates on these mods (and tbh the only way to do this for sure is manually, but from nearly 500 mods I'd say you have 20-30 mods with a dll at most). Not sure if Vortex or NMM has a similar feature to filter mods.


If you attempt to run the game with all your mods active, Vortex and MO will warn you about incompatible mods and will list the dll files associated. Then you can focus on searching for updates on these mods. 

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