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Need info on Deadman Wonderland Anime


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Hey so I've just read the first two chapters of Deadman Wonderland, and it is awesome. I usually stick to the manga till the end before watching the anime but this time I want to just watch the anime instead.


The only problem is that I'm afraid that the anime may not follow the story completely or may have been changed, like they did in Zetman :dodgy:  so to anyone who has read the manga and watched the anime, does it follow the manga completely without dumbing down the violence?

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The manga is not over yet, but it think its on the final arc. And yes, sadly the anime doesnt follow up the manga, and many gore scenes are censored (on TV), idk about the Blue Ray version.


Thank you! I'm not going near the anime for awhile then, I hate that they have to censor those amazing gore scenes.


lol  rorono asking about wonderland " that's new XD"


anyway would wikipedia help you out on  the series

I owned few Dead man wonderland manga i effin love the art and the story




 idk i  dont watch about anime so i didn't know jack about that ,  wait deadman wonderland dumbing down voilence whatsup with that?


Oh come on I tend to obsess over one piece but I do read and watch other awesome stuff :dodgy: and I couldn't trust the wiki, it's better to ask an actual reader/viewer.


They tend to change things in the anime, remove gore and make the art more PG than 18+, oh how I went crazy when they did that with Zetman.

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Guest Lady Luck

idk its only database i know " god i sound retarded by saying that "  really wonderland dumbing down voilence , seriously? where did you heard about this rorono,


time to download and purchased the digital   manga  , cant put any physical manga on my cabinet too many  graphic novels i wonder what's the best episode on deadman wonderland...

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You should try reading manga first and watch the anime afterwards, you'll see the difference. It's no big deal for people who start with the anime first because they're not aware and just go along with the story as its told. That's why I've been reading more manga lately then I have been watching anime.


Now back to reading Deadman Wonderland...

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Guest Lady Luck

All anime starts off as a Manga then if it gets enough attention, it gets animated as an anime. Anime are all adaptations of Manga, I learned that by reading Bakuman :D



god you remind me of younger brother XD

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