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Whicked Whims Increased Ask For Sex Difficulty

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I feel like I'm skipping over a setting, but is there any way to make it so Sims don't accept sex propositions quite so readily? All it takes is a couple flirty interactions or a single greeting and suddenly everyone is willing to have sex. At most it seems 1/6th of the relationship bar needs to be filled and I'd like to greatly increase that for most sims. 

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The only WW setting regarding this I know of is "always accept" in the cheats, maybe check whether it's set (even half can make a significant difference).

Other than that, I can only think of tweaking romance interactions and decay (MC Command Center has this, for example) to make it harder for Sims to reach the necessary relationship level and/or have them lose relationship points more quickly over time.

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I use some self-regulated restrictions; I only let myself use the dialogue interactions on the "front page" of the interactions menu (the options that you get from just clicking on the other character, without going into a specific category), and I can't do the same interaction twice in a row. This makes it harder to spam flirty interactions, or just jump straight to Have Sex as soon as they're warmed up a little. If WooHoo or Mess Around comes up on the front page, then I count that as permission to ask for WW sex instead. Also, one self-imposed rule that makes things a little more difficult is that I don't ever pause during the conversation, and if they walk away, then I don't permit myself to follow them.


All of those restrictions put together make it "tough but fair" for your sims to get someone to have sex with them. It'll probably still happen during every play session (if it's long enough), but not every conversation. Still, I would love it if there were a proper mod that made seduction a little more of a challenging skill-based endeavor, where it's not just based on repetitively spamming interactions. I guess I just don't care enough to figure out how to do that myself. But hey, if anyone who is more experience with modding wants to collaborate (I'll do most of the tedious drudge work if you provide the overview of how to actually do it), then I might be up for it.

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