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My animations move badly

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Unfortunately, as far as I'm aware, there is no real solution. Animations, especially those that come with the game itself (movement, romance interactions, etc), are usually created with the game's vanilla range of proportions (or only slightly bigger values) in mind. The more you exceed these values (e.g. hips that are significantly wider), the more awkward certain things will look. If body parts are just a little bigger (like breasts that are less than...let's say 150% of regular maximum size) it's gonna be okay, but once you hit exceptional regions (maybe 300% and more) the game just can't handle it anymore and animations would have to be made specifically for these types of Sims - but then those animations wouldn't work with "regular" Sims.

Best way of handling this (at least the best I know of): Keep your Sims proportions managable and use body presets rather than just slider mods for more extreme results. Presets also look more "smooth" due to being created as a single item, and sliders can still be used for finer adjustments.

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