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Kilt mod in progress, could use some beta testers

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Back in 2014, LoganBruce released the beginning of something called "SkyrimKiltMod" AKA "UnfinishedKiltMod", which had a few issues. He quickly abandoned it and asked that someone else take it up and do something with it.  So I have.  I'm using the original mod's Posts page, https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/60027/?tab=posts, for development until I have something rerelease-worthy.  An alpha/demo of the overhaul-in-progress has already been posted there, and later ones will be as well. (The current one is at Mega here, but will be replaced with alpha 2 fairly soon; it's best to check that Posts page for current state of development; I'm posting the changes logs as I go.)


I could use some initial testers, especially to detect mesh problems, texture UV issues, and appearance glitches under different lighting conditions.   In particular, it would be helpful to have screenshots in various ENBs. Also needs testing as to priority: will it layer properly with vanilla gear?  (Can't really account for mod gear, since modders will do whatever they want, including bad priority ideas.)


* This demo is not intended for use in a save that you will continue with, as all the items (probably even all the IDs) in the current alpha will be replaced.  The new ESP name (Kilts of Skyrim.esp) will remain the same, though.

* It is MALE ONLY at this point (well, you could equip it as female, but it would not look right).

* It presently provides a shirtless "cuirass", using the original near-white demo tartan (low-resolution, but good for testing lighter versions).

* Has a red version as just a kilt (slot 49, pants/skirt), also low-res

* And a green version (also just the kilt) with a new high-res texture and UV map.  This is the version from which development will continue, since the results are better and the tartan is more easily customizable.

* All three are already craftable.

* The male body has the built-in undies. These will of course be removed in a later phase (except maybe for a PG-rated Nexus version).

* Not tested yet with, or adapted to, any fancy male bodies.  I'm not really sure what needs to be done here (I'm mostly work on the female stuff).

* Does not yet have a belt, sporran, or other accessories.

* The fact that its visible edges are too thick and that it has some gaps at certain angles is a known problem already, as is the fact that the original texture (and red derivative) are too blurry.  Another already-known problem is that it looks goofy at 0 weight, and flares outward like a ladies' skirt.


This is not intended to compete with the great-kilt mod; this is a different garment, the small kilt (a kilt by itself, without the shoulder plaid).  I think there's one other small-kilt mod, but this one has a mesh specially designed to work well with tartan (lots of straight lines), which is why I "rescued" it from the Land of Incomplete Mods.


Screenshot-2020-03-09-at-1-33-56-AM.jpg Kilts-of-Skyrim-alpha-test-2.jpg Kilts-of-Skyrim-alpha-test-1.jpg

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As a scotsman who has a kilt himself.(small kilt unfortunately). I will most definetly try this out . But may be a while in doing so. As i un instald skyrim. So i could play sims4 agen. Need to clere space in hard drive first.



a littel fact for you about kilts


the small kilt was creation by an englishman who dident want anny acisdents in his factory by the scottish workers. He thought the sholder plaid would get stuck in the instraments he had them use .

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