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  1. Darklocq

    Tutorial Help - Body Texture + Pubic Hair

    I've uploaded a complete collection of Nagel's freeware brushes here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/91334 . Some of them are f'ing amazing.
  2. Darklocq

    Tutorial Help - Body Texture + Pubic Hair

    Resolved: Found a copy at: http://www.holeintheplot.com/share/tools/brushes/
  3. Did this ever go any further? It had "coming soon" stuff at the bottom about Robert's Male and so on.
  4. Darklocq

    Enhanced Daedric Invasion - Revived

    Does this address the problem resolved by "Enhanced Daedric Invasion - Aggression Fix"? About to install yours, but wondering if I need to also get that (or manually do what it does by getting into the CS). The original EDI mod had a problem in which characters with high infamy get attacked by the Tamriel defense forces as if they're part of the Daedric invasion.
  5. I'm unclear on what this re-mod is meant to fix (same goes for your [url=https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4718-cm-moonelves-repackaged/]CM moonelves REPACKAGED 1.0.0[/url]). I've had both Moon Elves and Abriael's Xenius compilation, direct from Nexus, installed and running for months. Like, this very day I have one of the Moon Elves and one of the Abriael Xenius companions following me at the same time, with no clashes between them and no CTDs caused by them (I do get some CTDs in this game because Oblivion is notoriously unstable, but that's regardless whether any companions are around, and it doesn't happen more with ones from those two mods around). Did you fix something that was later integrated into the versions downloadable from Nexus? PS: I'm glad to have seen the thread above about the "crazy grin" issue, and will see if just adding a file from the Corean mod will somehow fix it, since it drives me nuts. I was contemplating writing a Disposition management mod to force selected NPCs to max out at particular Dispo levels, specifically to prevent them having the creepy "Joker smile", but if just replacing a mesh will resolve it I'll be very happy. I wasn't aware these particular companions were using Corean resources.
  6. Darklocq

    Tutorial Help - Body Texture + Pubic Hair

    Looking for Dave Nagel's Series 23 Photoshop brush set for hair and skin. Can anyone provide nagelseries23.zip or the original contents thereof, please (via Google Drive, or whatever)? It's the ONLY one of the legendary Nagel brush sets that cannot be recovered via Wayback.Archive.org (though some of the others take a lot of work to track down, using various different domain names that Nagel used). While the download page for Series 23 did get archived, the actual ZIP file did not.
  7. So, what is it? Everyone commenting here seems to have played the original and knows all about it already. :-) What's this doing with Blockhead? I use that a lot for customizing companions, and am curious what use is being put to it here.
  8. Darklocq

    Say hi!

    Greetlings! I do a bunch of companion testing and debugging for OpenMW (open-source engine for Morrowind), and have recently been playing Oblivion with a shit-ton of mods, and creating a few minor remods (retextures and patches). Also working on some pubic hair texture replacers, since it's weird to me that people in a medieval-ish world are running around with "Brazilians" which wasn't really a thing until around 1990. I've been reading around on this site and am rather confused. I don't really quite get the difference between Lovers, LAPF, and various other terms flying by (e.g., what does "PK" stand for - penis kinetics?). I know all the non-LoversLab-specific jargon (HGEC, BBB, etc.) My main interest here is in expanding the body (prefer more natural, though am using HGEC C for the large number of gear mods that support it) and roleplay/interaction/behavior options of companions. I don't care about directly simulating sex, so I don't know if Lovers, LAPF, etc. would do anything interesting in my reality tunnel. :-) I'm impressed by the amount of animation work I see, though, and have been scouting around here for gear mods and non-intercourse anim mods, and found some nifty stuff not available on Nexus. Been using Blockhead to apply stuff on a per-companion or per-race basis. (I really recommend this to anyone who's not tried. Adding a few quirks to entire races gives a sense of cultural difference. E.g., I applied Princess Walk, with its clasped-hands idle, to a kind of Asian-looking custom elf race to quite good effect. While it's not identical to traditional Japanese and Indic gestures, it's reminiscent.)
  9. I've produced a documented patch to this effect and put it up on Nexus. I didn't even realize the outfit was hideous due to a texture path bug, I thought it was just awful aesthetics! I'd actually removed it as too ugly to use. LOL. Nexus page: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/48485
  10. What about Oblivion-to-Oblivion conversion, e.g. Robert's Female to HGEC-C, or giant-boobs HGEC-H to HGEC-C? It's unclear to me what games this supports.