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  1. I have a follower mod, Octavia Vampire Follower, who comes with her own custom body (UNP-based), but not BodySlides, so I can't make other outfits fit her and keep the same look. She has very thick thighs and big ass, and only a medium rack. The body does not look like any of the stock UUNP stuff, and my attempts to recreate it (or close enough) by messing with sliders and presets have all failed (there are not enough sliders to adjust enough things, like upper vs. lower thigh, inner thigh vs. outer thigh, etc.) E.g., every time I get the thighs big enough in a side view, they look like crap from the front, and vice versa. So, it looks like I need to somehow import her femalebody_0.nif and femalebody_1.nif into BodySlide, at least as a UUNP preset, if not as a lower-half-of-UI slider set (i.e. a pair of "Octavia Low" and "Octavia High" sliders). I'm good at creating new presets derived from existing ones, or just starting with UNP and customizing from there, but I'm not seeing a means of taking existing body meshes and turning them into presets or slider sets. I gather that it has something to do with Outfit Studio, though this is not an outfit but the base body. My goal is to have something I can customize further as presets, to make a nude version (more breast gravity), a light gear version (some compression), and a tight gear version (more push-up/cleavage and some breast flattening).
  2. Thanks. This is the only working link I could find for it via Googling.
  3. Can someone (hopefully the mod author) explain this bewildering pile of files with confusingly similar names, and/or unexplained ones? I have no idea what is actually required to install and run this. What is an "exciter"? What is "ectasy" and why does it need to be patched? Why are there something like 4 different packages of the main gist of this mod? Is the exciter thing required? Is the patch of it required? Are the piercings required? Etc., etc. This mod has a TL;DR amount of text written for it, without any actual installation instructions that pertain to the available files. And what is "v62b"? In traditional version numbering, this means "beta of version 62", i.e. old news no one should use. If so, why is it there? Or does this confusingly mean it's a later (maybe second, A then B) patch AFTER v62?
  4. It installs HDT-PE. All youse have to do is look around inside the installer archive to see what's included. It's even arranged in sections for you. (Well, for the FOMOD installer script.)
  5. What is "it"? This FOMOD installs a veritable fuckload of stuff, for doing everything from having clothing that waves around when you turn fast, to having jiggly girlybits when you walk, to having a big cock and animated sucking/fucking with it, to having a beefy and nicer-textured and hairy-chested dude body, to having sabrecats with visible dicks. These things don't really relate to each other, other than having something to do with one of the many parts installed by this package. So you'll need to be a lot more specific about what issues you're having, trying to do what.
  6. Nice collection! This will mostly be pretty time-saving. However, it has some mis-placed directories in it. Your "05 Bodyslide\CalienteTools\" FOMOD folder has a wrongly placed "SliderGroups" subfolder that needs to merge into "05 Bodyslide\CalienteTools\BodySlide\SliderGroups". These don't even seem to be files that need to merge, but duplicate copies. Next, "05 Bodyslide\CalienteTools\TexBlendCBBE" is misspelled "TextBlendCBBE" Third, "04 Base files\UUNP\" has an incorrectly placed "TexBlendUUNP" at the root level (i.e. directly under "Data\"). This needs to merge into "05 Bodyslide\CalienteTools\TexBlendUUNP". "04 Base files\CBBE\" has the same problem, with a mis-placed "TextBlendCBBE" (again with "Text" instead of "Tex"; no one uses "text" as as abbreviation of "texture(s)". However, most of that material also appears to be duplicates of files that are already in "05 Bodyslide\CalienteTools\". I think the size of this archive could be considerably reduced by eliminating these copies. I've never attempted it, but I think I grok the FOMOD format enough, looking at the XML, to fix up a local copy, though it's easier to just merge the files manually after installation (on the off chance that they're not really duplicates and that stuff in "05 Bodyslide" is intended to overwrite stuff in "04 Base Files").
  7. Pskaax found it and posted it to another thread. It's v2.3: https://www.loverslab.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=835885 There was also a 2.4, though it was not available for long before it vanished from Nexus and from the author's own Weebly site. I figured out that much from web.archive.org. There's also a Russian translation of 2.3 still up at a Russian site: https://modgames.net/load/tes_v_skyrim/doma_i_lokacii/the_oasis_oazis/254-1-0-18714
  8. Anyone have Aceeq's The Oasis 2.4? As far as I know that's the last version before his own site (at Weebly) disappeared and the mod also vanished off Nexus. PS: No, that's not the same Oasis as https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/80149, which is just a house mod by Cynndal. Aceeq's is more like GomaPeroLand, a big tropical worldspace for screen archery. And it has a tiger. PS: Aside from the English 2.3 above, there's a Russian translation still available: https://modgames.net/load/tes_v_skyrim/doma_i_lokacii/the_oasis_oazis/254-1-0-18714
  9. Quick questions: Do the slaves come pre-set with "giant boobs" bodies shown in the screenshot? Or is it going to use my default female body? If you kill a slave master, what becomes of the slaves? Do they just stand around? Run away? Become yours? Become regular NPCs? Become potential followers?
  10. Looking for "Nuska Real Skin for Women", UNP version, formerly Skyrim [LE] Nexus mod no. 28645, and later in 30181 (along with the CBBE version, too; I think both came with and without freckles). While it's old, I have another skin mod that has a dependency on it at the neck (need face skin from Nuska). Not the same as Navetsea Real Skin (which is included in UNP Replacer Configuration Package).
  11. I downloaded it, and I can't find any indication that it is an FO4 mod. I'm not sure why you got some FO4-related message. I'm looking at "Augege_lily dress.esp" in TES5Edit, and the only masters it has are "Skyrim.esm" and "Heels Sound.esm". I ran TES5Edit's "Check for errors" on it, and none were reported. Maybe you added something else around the same time that is an FO4 file? Or, it's possible that the meta.ini file in the archive for this mod has something wrong in it, that is tricking Vortex into thinking it's for another game. It's safe to just remove that from the mod archive. If Vortex is anything like NMM, it's probably buggy. Most peeps use Mod Organizer for a reason. 🙂
  12. I found a UUNP slider set for this, by Гравицап at gamer-mods.ru, a year or so ago, though I'm not finding it again, so I'll just repost it. I translated the ReadMe to English. It's about 400 MB total, so I think the original mod and thus the sliders for it are using a bunch of duplicate meshes for each color variant, with custom texture paths, instead of using one mesh set with TXST records in the ESP. So, not very efficient. But I don't have the patience to fix it. The disk space is worth less than my time. https://mega.nz/file/wc4RyQpL#WjN0A8kBDOjWDWOc-TIReJtdT4_snX_QYXbL_D3LPuA
  13. Update: Superrayas provided UUNP BodySlides for it, I fixed the weight-slider problem in the ESP, and Harvald provided the original mod (needed for textures). All three posts are in the vicinity of this: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/119279-9damao-and-baidu-download-request-thread/page/98/?tab=comments#comment-2989856
  14. Been looking for UUNP version of this for a long time: Sorceress Armors for CBBE-UNP-7Base Body, by davjes http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/48446/
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