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  1. Just so I'm clear: That's not a "stock" Argonian skin with a vag overlay inserted, but a special one for CoSIO use, right? Otherwise the vag and a bit of the tail would overlap? And it thus requires a mesh that's doing slightly different things with its texture calls?
  2. I ran into a wiki article at Fandom (Wikia.com), on a feminism and gaming wiki, all about LoversLab. It was poorly written (in kind of junior-high/middle-school English), not very comprehensive, outdated, full of first-person opinion-mongering, outright wrong about a few things, and generally written like a combination of a review and a blog post, not a wiki article. It was actually comparatively fair/balanced, considering the nature of the site, but needed some work in that regard as well. I totally overhauled it into a proper wiki article, about on par with a Good Article at Wikipedia (though not in the same tone). For that site in particular, I delved into women modders' involvement in the erotic mods community, as well as giving way more detail on what LoversLab is and provides, plus some feminist analysis and counter-points, and advice for visitors who come to LL from that article (probably with a bone to pick). However, I can't actually post it! The moderators of the site have all basically retired, and left it with anti-spam/vandal settings such that no one with an account at Wikia.com less than a year old can do anything there. While I do have an account that old, it's under my real name, which I do not associate with gaming- or sexuality-related posts, to avoid data mining by nosy employers, etc. So, I'm looking for someone who can post it (with a specific edit summary). The draft is here (and you're welcome to suggest edits or even just directly make them at that draft - it's for a wiki, after all). * The page to replace is http://geekfeminism.wikia.com/wiki/LoversLab_Analysis * My rewrite is at https://wiki.openmw.org/index.php?title=User:Darklocq/Geek_Feminism/LoversLab_Analysis After doing all this, I later discovered a total hatchet job at the same site (e.g. "The extreme and abhorrent nature of the popular available content is both indisputable and blatantly apparent to any observer": * http://geekfeminism.wikia.com/wiki/LoversLab I would suggest replacing that page with: #REDIRECT [[LoversLab Analysis]] perhaps with an edit summary of "This is a wiki, not a blog. It should have balanced, research-based articles, not one-sided opinion rants." Or at bare minimum, add a new section at the bottom of it, like: == A More Balanced, Alternative View of LoversLab and Erotic Gaming == See the "[[LoversLab Analysis]]" article for a more neutral and in-depth overview of LoversLab, its community, and women's direct involvement in and influence on erotic gaming. If you take the latter approach, my rewrite of the first article could also end with something like: == A More Negative Take on LoversLab and Erotic Gaming == See the "[[LoversLab]]" page for a personal opinion piece that is critical of LoversLab and such content, as "extreme and abhorrent" and "further[ing] rape culture, misogyny, sexist attitudes and gender inequality".
  3. Darklocq

    Breast veins?

    The next version of Body Options TexBlend will contain such stuff. I've used "SkinTextures" by Ekirts Ykcul (which are all bright and gory) to generate a big set of overlays for various skin tones, and ranging from "just cut, still bloody" to "decades of fading". These come in sets (I think the "busiest" one has something like 7 wounds or groups of wounds on the body), but it's easy to use GIMP or Photoshop or whatever to remove the ones you don't want, like if you just need a single back scar or something. Can also use such tools to move them around, rotate them, etc. I've stuck with Ykcul's original layout of them, and just produced a wide range of coloration variants.
  4. Darklocq

    Breast veins?

    TexBlend only works like that if you don't edit its config file. Change it to use a temp folder, instead of writing directly to your live game files (which is a really bad idea!), and you can generate as many as you want, one after another, and give them to whatever NPCs you want as long as they have their own textures (almost all follower mods do). For something like this, you'd probably want a consistent vein set installed into your default female body textures as an overlay anyhow, though I would not do that without writing out to a temp folder first and examining the results. Anyway, the Body Options TexBlend UUNP CBBE documentation covers all this in detail. I do understand your "I also can very quickly change looks in-game" point. I should have said that ideally this would ALSO be done as alpha overlays for TexBlend, rather than suggesting it should be done that way and not for RaceMenu or SlaveTats. I ascribe this temporary insanity to an insufficient caffeine level, or perhaps Daedric possession.
  5. Argh. I forgot about the beasties. I wonder about rotating it 90 deg. and putting it to the side of the knee, right along the texture edge? It's probably too late, anyway. I now notice that All-in-One Animated Pussy also uses the same space overlapping with UUNP Special. There's probably too much stuff already deployed using this location. Side questions: Is the CoSIO vag in exactly the same position as the AiOAP one? And is the position exactly the same for UNP and CBBE versions? I'm planning to add support for this to Body Options, but need to make sure the overlays appear in the pixel-perfect position. I can figure it out the hard way by examining texture files that already have these parts built in, but if someone already knows for certain it would save me the trouble.
  6. Would be nice if a new version of this were put out using some other, unused location in the femalebody_1*.dds files (like near the feet). The CoSIO vagina texture directly collides and overlaps with that of the UUNP Special one. The space on the opposite side of the hip/groin part of the texture file is used by NBB Chinese UUNP for its "competing" inner vag texture. But there's way more than enough room toward the top of the texture file, around either the feet or the butt. Presently it is not possible to ship a follower mod with all three vagina textures included for cross-compatibility, except in redundant texture files (which may suck up 22-87 MB per NPC, or even much more for an 8K texture package),
  7. Darklocq

    Bruises and wounds?

    Yar, I do have that one, and had a look at it, for general inspiration, I guess, but it's a "beg me for permission on a case-by-case basis" mod. I need something I can integrate into a follower mod without making people ask third-parties before they reuse my mod. Also looking to integrate the textures into Body Options for TexBlend. So far I've found SkinTextures 1.7 by Ekirts Ykcul (unrestricted use with credit). Great body stuff (after you fix some artifacts in it and adjust it for various skin textures and make it less day-glow bloody), but insufficient face work for what I'm after. I think there's just one or two roughed-up face graphics, and they're really excessive (complete with jizz all over the place). I'm just looking for a black eye and a bloody lip. If I screw around enough in GIMP I could surely make it myself, but I kind of suck at that sort of thing. Much better adjusting existing textures to fit various body tones. And I don't like re-inventing the wheel anyway.
  8. Darklocq

    [WIP] Sassy Teen Girls Individual Bodies.

    See "EveryBody's Different Redone" on Nexus (requires SkyProc). I think there's at least one other approach to this idea, too (though not specific to young women in particular).
  9. Darklocq

    Breast veins?

    The ideal way to do this is as PNG files (lossless compression, much smaller than DDS) with just the veins and alpha transparency, for use in Texture Blender. Then you can apply them to any skin. I'm not sure why people want to try to do everything with RaceMenu or SlaveTats. They're not the right tools for the job. RaceMenu's only run in-game and is a real hassle to use for putting stuff on NPCs. SlaveTats is basically applying a gear item to a body slot. It's much more sensible to just apply them to the actual female skin texture (either game-wide, or for a specific follower) with TexBlend. The trick to this is editing TB's config file to not write directly to your live game but to a temp folder, and then install the textures exactly where you need them after making sure they're what you want and probably after doing some DDSopt or Ordenador texture optimization. Anyway, if someone makes them in this form (or as PSD or DDS files, as long as they're transparent overlays with just the veins), I'll be glad to integrate them into Body Options TexBlend UNP UUNP CBBE (such overlays, set up to work with TexBlend, are the whole point of that collection), as long as they don't come with "must ask me for permission to reuse/modify" restrictions. Body Options wouldn't be usable if people had to track down the authors of individual texture files. Everyone gets credited in the BO readme, of course.
  10. Darklocq

    Higher Resolution Inner Vagina Texture

    Bazinga did not create Chinese UUNP (ChUU). He integrated aspects of one of over a dozen ChUU body models (minus various features) into his Naturalistic and Beast HDT, as NBB ("Naturlalistic Body Building)" Chinese UUNP. While he did build the inner vag texture in for that variant, it's a tiny, low-resolution bit integrated directly into the UNP body/feet graphic in an unused spot (directly opposite the UUNP Special outer vagina texture bit). And it's just used for a tiny bit of visible inner labia; NBB ChUU does not actually have an interior vagina mesh at all (nor the thigh HDT, nor the 3D bush, nor the non-puffy nips option of the original ChUU). In short, Bazinga's version is not what the OP is looking for. I HAVE integrated the Bazinga "mini" version of the inner vag into Body Options TexBlend UNP UUNP CBBE, along with additional shades of the UUNP Special outer vag (and lots of other stuff, like neck blenders). So, you can use TexBlend to integrate them into your existing or custom body textures. I recommend this for follower mods - include both vag textures in your body/foot main texture so no one ever pesters you later about compatibility. Including them has no effect on use of the body/foot texture by people who don't use UUNP Special or Bazinga's ChUU. But that's not going to help the OP right now. As far as I know, the only semi-good image of this inner-vag variety for mods is the PhotoTex.dds that came with Neisa and several other followers, and was also included as the PhotoTex.dds file in the original Chinese UUNP. This appears to be an actual photo from either gyno porn or a gynaecological textbook, and those are probable sources for making a replacement if you don't like the Neisa/ChUU one. I have not checked out all follower mods that include a PhotoText.dds, so I don't know if they're all identical. I do know that the original ChUU version is the same as the Neisa version. I don't use Leyenda's vag, so I don't know what it would take to either port the Neisa/ChUU texture to that, or replace it with something new. They may not be the same shape. I've heard that deep in the guts of various Asian sites you can find newer versions of Chinese UUNP, and that the original release (which was flawed, including various bugs like day-glow ladyparts, and lots of ripped off sets of body textures without credit) has effectively been replaced in that "market", and was sort of a beta. But good luck finding that stuff, and I have no idea if it includes a better graphic for this purpose, or handles it differently (separate file, or built into UNP body/feet texture). Regardless, I'm working on an overhaul of the original Chinese UUNP and will release it after some more testing and more tracking down of whom to credit. It will only include BodySlide resources and the PhotoTex.dds and PubHair.dds files, plus some TexBlend resources (which will work with Body Options but not be included in it, distributed instead as part of my ChUU overhaul, since TexBlend stuff for it won't be needed without the non-Bazinga ChUU). It will also include all of the original ChUU body variants, with all of their parts, plus some new variants (just different 3D bush styles). But the ChUU inner vagina mesh really has nothing to do with either Leyeda's animated vagina, or the Clams of Skyrim one. They're basically "competing products", as it were. I would think their their HDT XMLs are notably different, but that's outside my realm of mod geeking experience.
  11. Darklocq


    I don't find those textures in SlaveTats. It must be an add-on. Would love to find it. Any ideas? I've been looking for something like this (including facial marks) for some time now.
  12. Darklocq

    Bruises and wounds?

    I'm not finding the SlaveTats version of IBF, though. Maybe something from it was integrated into the main ST release, I'm not sure. LOT of files to look through. Update: I can't find any textures in the SlaveTats standard distribution packages that are from IBF, nor any re-packaging of IBF for SlaveTats. I got IBF itself. Maybe there's an easy way to convert RaceMenu stuff to SlaveTats (which would also work for TexBlend, the actual use-case I have in mind).
  13. Darklocq

    Bruises and wounds?

    Thanks. I will look into IBF. This is just for one follower's temporary appearance in a dungeon until rescued and led out, so just swapping in a wearable texture as unplayable "clothing" will do. Fade Tattoos might actually be useful for making NPC heal over time though if I want to get into that. Just getting her to do basic stuff like start a quest and have functional dialogue is giving me fits. (I can't figure out how to make a topic entirely go away, instead of being available in their dialogue options forever).
  14. Anyone know of a good source of bruises and other wounds? At minimum, I'm looking to add an alternative right-cheek cut and bruise (black eye would be perfect, too). Maybe also UNP body bruises and minor cuts would help. This is for a mistreated prisoner, and I would work this into an unplayable item that's worn as clothing, then removed by script after they're freed and have time to heal. I did find a CBBE body wounds mod and it might work close enough for UNP. The vanilla wounded dead women in Winterhold and Solstheim might also work for the body part. I really need a face one that isn't the vanilla scars used for char-gen purposes (nor a makeup tintmask; needs to be something with regular alpha that I can layer).
  15. Here's what I've figured out so far trawling old forum posts and a wiki page (https://beyondskyrim.org/texturesets/), and it’s not making much sense when compared with actual practice: [Apologies for the pseudo-table, but this forumware has only half-assed BBCode support, and there doesn't seem to be a way to make it render a real table with text and markup.] There are serious issues with this alleged information: First off, no one but that wiki page appears to call *_s.dds files "subsurface" anything, ever. They’re almost universally called specular (the CK’s "backlight" label notwithstanding). The wiki does say that this is *_s.dds files, and a comparison of the same items in NIFskope and CK or T5E (or Outfit Studio) shows the same path in NS’s 7 and CK/T5E’s TX07 and OS's 7 Specular, so that part seems correct. I think the labeling and description of this as "subsurface tint" is simply wrong. Especially since there’s no semantic difference between "subsurface tint" and "subsurface color" (which is TS’s 3, CK/T5E’s TX03, OS's 3 Glow/Skin – the *_sk.dds files). Everyone but TexBlend calls *_sk.dds files "subsurface" (or something else, never specular), and *_s.dds files "specular" (never "subsurface"). But it gets worse. The CK and T5E apply "subsurface tint" to TX02, which corresponds with NS’s 6. So, we have three conflicting things claimed to be subsurface tint/color. Next, I keep finding outfits that have the same *_m.dds texture used in the NIF for both NIFskope’s textures 6 and 8 (CK/T5E’s TX02 and TX06, respectively) at the same time, but which in TXST records have CK/T5E’s TX02 and TX07 (= NS’s 6 and 7, respectively). So, I don’t know if this is an error on the part of the modder who made the gear, or an error on the part of whoever wrote the wiki material about what the NIFskope texture slots really are. Given that the gear looks great in-game, I suspect it’s the latter. And it’s not clear that CK/T5E's TX06 Multilayer really does correspond to NS’s 8 Backlight. There appears to be no connection between the concepts "backlight" and "multilayer". In this case, "backlight" doesn’t mean "light shining through or around something from behind or within it", but "light reflecting off a surface from a light behind the viewer/camera", as I understand it. Then again, it was the iffy wiki that suggested this meaning. Another thing is the claims about the *_g.dds, *_p.dds, *_b.dds, and *_bl.dds filename patterns. I've never encountered a Skyrim texture with any of these names (though I admittedly do not use parallax stuff, so maybe *_p.dds is legit). Every single time I encounter something in NS's texture slot 3, it is a *_sk.dds, for example. Next, I can’t find anything anywhere other than the wiki page suggesting that the environment mask has anything to do with cube maps. And finally, the order and numbering of the texture fields in Outfit Studio matches neither NIFscope nor the CK/TES5Edit order. Anyone got more authoritative information sources on this stuff?