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  1. I've yet to notice any SMP-like behavior (in the version I'm working with). It's just HDT stuff on the boobs, butt, belly, and thighs, plus additional XML work for collision with the labia and vag. My own interest in it's been the better breasts, the thigh motion, 3d pubes that don't require an additional mod, and the better-looking labia (after the day-glow problem is fixed, which is something Bazinga worked out). Still working on getting the pubes to auto-show the character's hair color, which is something I can adapt from Cubic Hair and/or from PaintedLady (the problem with the lower hair right now is that it shows up either very dark or very light, and must be supplied a specific colored texture, which will not actually match what you see in-game, due to something like specularity or emissiveness being set wrong).
  2. I don't understand that question. I really don't actually care what the CK wants to generate. I observe that it's not doing what its being told to do (i.e., the CK is exporting, and displaying, some but not all vanilla paths for certain meshes and textures that I explicitly overrode in the ESP with custom ones, and it's doing that for no explicable reason). What I expect far more importantly is that the game will show the intended head after I go through a head export and a NIFmerge to use the face that was (presumably) originally created with ECE or RM, and the texture paths I have hard coded not only in the ESP but in the NIF file itself, to force the issue. I am in fact getting the correct textures (I recognize the custom moles), but the skin tone is wrong and so is the head geometry, using a vanilla shape instead of the custom one. When I look at the merged FaceGen files and see the head I expect and then go look in the game and still see a brown head on a pale body, with the wrong jaw and eyes, there's clearly an issue. The game is not using the the merged FaceGen stuff but reverting to some weird mixture of a) sometimes its defaults and b) sometimes some paths specified in the ESP, while c) ignoring the NIF data, as far as I can tell. This suggests that I do have (or did have, in some phase of testing) a mismatch between the NPC ID and the FaceGen files. Since I've deleted the NPC and am starting over, I can't really tell at this point.
  3. > By ugly face do you mean the face is all grey No, it's just one of the default Nord female heads, with kind of a mannish jaw (at least compared to the intended face) and it looks especially ugly because it doesn't match the body texture. It's like a Frankenstein effect. It's not the grey/black face problem. As for filenames and folders, I would think they were correct, given how many times I tried and re-tried, and quintuple-checked everything. But I'm actually just starting all over again from scratch, because banging my head against the same bugs for a whole week makes me want to kill something. I have no idea what "Does the npc attach actor base" means. I'm editing the base-ID NPC, not a particular instance. I didn't even know there was a problem until I drag-and-dropped an instance into a tavern and found it had the wrong head. And continued having the wrong head after all the Ctrl-F4 and NIFMerge and so on. I'm just going to re-create the NPC all over again, and destroy the instance if this happens again, and generate a new instance after every single attempt to fix it until I get what's supposed to be there. And if that doesn't work pretty quickly, fuck it. I have better things to do with my life than try to make the CK for this game behave sanely. I'm actually kind of shocked they were able to produce this game at all with such a tool. The CSes of the earlier TES games were kinda shitey tools, but the Skyrim CK is just insanely bad software. I never use the CK at all for anything I can do with TES5Edit instead! No, there is no change to the NPC by later (or earlier, or any other) mod. It's not a vanilla NPC. What I've done is taken Mango, a third-party follower, tweaked her a bit (and finally gotten her to work after those tweaks), then duplicated her and changed that duplicate into an older sister (same head mesh, but Mature Skin textures and different hair, and they each have their own custom Nord race variant for complete separation). That's the one that will not work properly. So the solution would seem to be deleting that one and remaking her cleanly. The CK confirms the facegen has been completed even when it hasn't. I learned that from a tutorial video for MAFkit. (The tip-off that it failed is you get the message that it's completed pretty much instantly instead of after several seconds of actual work by the CK. You also won't get new facegen files as output.) > Cosmetic changes to npcs will load on existing game but not changes to race, id, weight, a few other things I've not tested but you can change hair and face parts anytime and just rebuild facegen and it works fine. That may well have something to do with it. Completely nuking that NPC and redoing her (and her race) from scratch should resolve that, I suppose. I think this probably also explains why my alteration of Mango's original race (to a duplicate with a new ID and some changed stats) in an earlier test also failed.
  4. Okay, so if the UUNP included in BodySlide is really just UNP rebuilt on top of CBBE, does that mean this works with UUNP? Also curious how this relates (if at all) to Chinese UUNP, and its built-in 3D vag. Was that designed to be compatible with this, or is it a "competing product", or what? I'm pretty new to this stuff. Been doing BodySlide bodies and custom Outfit Studio stuff for a while, and TES modding in generally for several years, but generally with an "external realism" goal in mind. I have yet to dabble directly with the "internal" sex-mod stuff. Just kind of running out of novel things to do in Skyrim, so here I am at last.
  5. Already read those threads, which is how I got into overhauling this in the first place. I'm not "too late" for anything. If there's Mod A and someone makes Mod A+B improvement that doesn't magically preclude another modder from independently making Mod A+C improvement. This version works fine when you do some work on it. I've been using it on 3 characters (two of them pretty extreme) for a month. Half of the stuff I see modders do that's labeled an improvement or polish is just subjective monkeying around that looks like crap to someone else. Bazinga proved the original version's basic viability (most early "not working" commentary turned out to be operator error). He integrated one of its 16 included variants into "Naturalistic HDT and Beast HDT" over a year ago (though with many features removed, including thigh jiggles, the vag interior mesh, 3D pubes, and the non-puffy nips option). If anything's "just a proof of concept" it's his NBB Chinese UUNP implementation. But it's also been well-accepted without anyone having a shit-fit about the resources it includes, despite no one being credited for them. I aim to be more specific, and to include all the options the original included (with fixes), and have already created 4 new variants. Outside of Chinese forums, no one really cares about or is aware of what's going on in Chinese forums. A newer refinement of Chinese UUNP that has disappeared (and was subject to probably illegitimate "pay me" redist limitations anyway) basically isn't a mod from a general gaming perspective, but just temporary discussion about a private tweak for someone specific and their buddies, and fools who'll send them money. If complaints about the original pirating various resources (especially on the texture side) are correct, then it's likely that those now-missing "another 2-3 Chinese versions" are in the same direction, which is not my direction. ANYWAY, all I really need at this point is info on who to credit for the body parts, maybe the inner vagina graphic (though it appears to just be a vaginal canal and cervix shot from either a medical source or a speculum-porn site, so probably no modder's property in the first place), and maybe some of the XML work. I've thrown out all the irrelevant textures and bodies the original archive came with (allegedly and probably without permission), since there was no reason for them to be included in the first place. It needs nothing but BodySlide resources, some XML files, and a ReadMe, and a texture image.
  6. Well, part of the issue here is that there's the Chinese UUNP body mod (a mesh and some HDT XML for it), and then there's the archive it was distributed in, which was basically a big dump of every mod someone liked, whether it had anything to do with this body mesh at all. Just a huge-ass pile of body textures and stuff. It's easy to clean the underlying mod of this detritus. When you do that, you're left with a body mesh that's not really any different from any of the zillion UNPB and CBBE variants that preceded it, when it comes to being a derivative work. Those couldn't exist (and couldn't still be being produced in new variants every week) if the the core parts of them like the overall UNP body form, were "get my permission first". We know they're not. I don't read Chinese, so I don't know if the original uploader (who may not be the original creator of Chinese UUNP) ever credited anyone for anything. But the only implications of that are for that particular archive. When I get the NIFs patched up, I'll try to credit everyone who should be credited (e.g., I think the pubes are from Cubic Hair by EliteCheat, whose work is open-use. May take a while to ID all of it). But, when you get it working properly, it's a fantastic body model, and is worth repairing and re-releasing properly. I've already fixed it to not do stupid things like day-glo vaginas. It will call unique XML files, so it is never interfering with or interfered with by anything else. Also seeing about fixing the brightness/contrast problem with the pubes (you have to feed it very, very dark texture files to not end up with gleaming beacon bush).
  7. I changed some details in the custom race records and head parts of a downloaded follower mod, to "re-mod" it. I have followed the Ctrl-F4 and NIFmerge instructions in various tutorial for patching up heads. And it's not working. No matter what I do I get: * Wrong head color * Wrong head geometry. I get the default head with the default texture. I've even tried exporting the head in my original copy of Skyrim under Steam and using it in the playing copy on my desktop, and I still get the goofy-looking, big-jawed default Nord woman head, with the default texture. When I use NIFmerge (to apply the originally downloaded follower's pretty face to the just-generated export), I get a resulting NIF that looks correct in NIFskope (other than that weird thing with the parts often having mismatched Z heights, which seems to have no effect when rendered in-game). I put it in place with the ugly head's default filename, and get back into the game, and the NPC still has uglyface. I can remove the entire ESP and do a savecleaning routine and put it back in, so the NPC is freshly re-generated, and ... uglyface again. It's like the FaceGeom/MyModHere.esp/ material for this ESP is simply being ignored. It doesn't matter if I have NIFmerge overwrite the original directly, or save to a temp filename and move the original and put the new one in it's place. Always, always uglyface. The stuff about creating a face (or importing and re-exporting) in RaceMenu doesn't apply here. It's not a face I created, but one I just modified (though it probably was originally created in RaceMenu). It did not come with a .jslot file. I've looked at a bunch of .jslot files from downloaded RaceMenu presets, and they've all been radically different, so faking it by making a new one seems out of the question, even if re-exporting the head via RaceMenu and re-NIFmerging it would somehow help. My next guess is that when you "change something" and change it back before doing the Ctrl-F4 that you have to change something specific, not just anything, to get it to regenerate the head properly. ?? I'm at wit's end here. Been trying to resolve this for over a week, and it'a affecting every NPC I try to modify, e.g. put a new hair on. Revision: One thing in common with the NPCs in question is that I changed the IDs of the NPC and custom race, and edited parameters in them (e.g., gave the NPC better hair, and told the race to use a specific female body by default, that of the follower, and fixed missing Morph Race record to point to the vanilla race the custom race is a duplicate of, to stop CK errors about a race with no morph (.TRI) data. In one case, I made a copy of both NPC and race (so, both have new hex base IDs and new editor IDs like "DrqWhatever_Follower", "DrqWhatever_Race"), and eventually removed the originals. In another, I just renamed the confusing original editor IDs while keeping the hex base IDs, and am directly editing the original NPC and race. In a third case, I kept the race base ID, but am working with a duplicate of the NPC.
  8. Darklocq

    Sexy Idle Animation By Red3113@3Dm

    How do we give this and other anims to a specific follower NPC? I don't want to see elderly merchant ladies rubbing on themselves in public. LOL I knew how to do this in Oblivion, with Blockhead, but haven't figured this out for Skyrim yet.
  9. Thanks for the tips, folks. Since I play in first-person mode at all times (except when the game forces otherwise, like while horse-riding), I actually mostly want to customize followers, and I seem to have figured that out (by using one that came with a custom body and texture, and digging into exactly how that works - I've managed to customize the Mango follower to my tastes, for example, and would now be able to do it with others. I don't really need RaceMenu (unless there's a way to use it to modify NPCs, too), just BodySlide to generate and export a body, then move it to be a follower-specific one, and restore my original game-wide body. My main pain at this point is I have no idea how to recombine armor bits and modify their details. I thought this could be done in NIFskope, but apparently you have to use Blender or something like that, and it takes real skillz. I posted something over here, but have low hopes of direct assistance (that forum is kind of a firehose of requests but little response these days). The short version is that a UUNP 7B Oppai cuirass (semi-skimpy) has some features I want but really low-poly breasts (like ridiculously bad), and a UUNP Vanilla-style variant has a better chest and some other features I like, and I'm wanting to remix them into a new version (for inclusion in a follower mod). I get the impression that such mesh-mangling is easy for people who regularly do such stuff, but there seems to be a months-long learning curve. Every foray into trying to directly create or modifying meshes (beyond simple NIFSkope tricks like making a top about 1% larger to avoid minor clipping) has been pretty nightmarish for me. Maybe I'm just too old to absorb it or something. LOL. I'm hoping someone who appreciates me taking two weeks to save a set of fantastic free digital art tools from being lost to linkrot will take pity on me. >;-)
  10. Is there some kind of step-by-step tutorial somewhere? I've successfully created a UNP-variant body and exported it (including the .tri), but there must be some intermediary process I don't know about, because it does not appear in the available body settings in RaceMenu. (I'm very green at this stuff.)
  11. I think I have it sussed out. With "Build Morphs" on, you have to use "Batch Build...", right click, de-select all, the select the one you want to build, with the Preset you want already loaded, then run a "batch" build of one thing, and then the .tri file will show up. Rather unintuitive to me, but I've never used this before so of course there'll be a learning curve. I confirmed in NIFskope that I have the desired body in place. I get the impression right now that this is going to be used for every female body in the game, which isn't my intent, but I'll probably figure it out. (I just want this for my PC, and maybe for some selected companions).
  12. I get the same issue, have newest version. Log says: BodySlideApp.cpp(1553): Building set 'Unified UNP HDT' with options: Local Path = False, Cleaning = False, TRI = False, GenWeights = True I don't see anywhere in any part of the GUI or in any of the config files where "TRI - False" can be set to true. I did find one seemingly relevant thread here. However, It wants a defaultbbps.xml file (I have no idea what that is or what it should say; Googling produces various geeky stuff that's over my head). I'm not even sure I need this .tri file for the body variant I'm making; I just know that Bodyslide and Outfit Studio came with a file at meshes\actors\character\character assets\femalebody.tri and now it is gone after I installed the body I built (just femalebody_0.nif and femalebody_1.nif).
  13. Darklocq

    Tutorial Help - Body Texture + Pubic Hair

    I've uploaded a complete collection of Nagel's freeware brushes here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/91334 . Some of them are f'ing amazing.
  14. Darklocq

    Tutorial Help - Body Texture + Pubic Hair

    Resolved: Found a copy at: http://www.holeintheplot.com/share/tools/brushes/
  15. Did this ever go any further? It had "coming soon" stuff at the bottom about Robert's Male and so on.