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Can't make pregnancy longer

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Wild guess: Do you have MC Command Center installed? IIRC, the pregnancy module also has a setting for duration, so you need to set both that and WW's to a higher number, or else there's no change (game probably goes back to default because of the difference between the two). Had a similar issue with polyamorous relationships once, setting WW and MCCC to the same values usually fixes these things.

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Okay, I don't know much about those. Unless any of them has settings in-game that allow you to change pregnancy duration, the only solution I could think of is to temporarily remove these mods from your Mods folder (as in "move them somewhere else, like Desktop") and test it again with 6, 8 or any number of days (other than 3, obviously).

If it still doesn't work move everything except WW out of the Mods folder to see if it's a bug.

If and once it does work (it should definitely work with only WW), move the other mods back where they go and test again - either one by one (if it's only a few) or following the 50/50 method (half goes in, half stays out; if there are a lot) - to find any mod that's causing your issues (and yes, there can be more than one at the same time).

Once you have found the cuprit(s), check if there are any updates, as they might fix the problem. (Of course, you can also update everything first and then go through the whole process. I just think it's faster this way.)

The method's a little tedious, I know, but it's guaranteed to work.

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