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Tamago Shop - The Dukky Edition

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Tamago Shop - The Dukky Edition

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Tamago Shop

The Dukky Edition


Repaired and Returned!

Version 1.1


Long at last, TamagoShop has returned.

Long since Hakumen Oshite Mairu updated TamagoClub in 2012

which rendered  this mod defective and useless,

it has now been repaired.


Have you wanted a large family?  Have you ever worried that your chance to sire or carry the child of a beloved may pass?  If so, you may wish to check out two devices finally available for sale at Calindil's store for two clinical devices that may give you aid.


One of the devices  allows you to create a  'freezer'  in which to store sperm, ovum, and even wombs  to prevent thier death by age.   And of the other device, you can now  make a container that ensures  the fertilization of egg and sperm, this instead of having that chance pass by.



Normally, I would post a link to the original version, but no actual topic exclusive for TamagoShop exists...





  • Adds two clinical devices to Calandil's Mystic Emporium for sale
  • (NEW) Adds a new book that describes the clinical devices.





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