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Recommend quest mod for New Vegas?

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There sadly are not many.


My #5 would be


The Inheritance is pretty good, goes along with the theme of being a courier, plus voice acting is great.

Autumn Leaves is really really good. It's pretty long too, but only happens in one vault.

Legion Quests Expanded if you go Legion in your playthrough.

Tales from Burning Sands good content, has a lot of puzzles though. Already starts in Goodsprings.

Couriers Cache is kinda ok, has some funny bits here and there, but the weapons are pretty great.

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In addition to those above mods these are some my favorites that happen to be really well done overall (while I don't play with freeside open I believe these all have patches for them if needed) and they are by


Someguy 2000

New Vegas Bounties 1, 2, & 3 (classic new Vegas mods IMOP install 3 after finishing 2)

New Vegas Killer (play after 1 & before 2 probably has one of the funniest characters in this & a patch available if you're playing as the good guy too)

The Better Angels (Play after NVB 3 ties it all up and great end fight)



Fives Aces (vendor, radio, few quest & a permanent nice small addition to Freeside in general)



The Initiation (Khan quest and requirement to Eliza)

Eliza (snarky companion, adds quite a few additional places out in the wasteland that just feel better being there in general plus more Freeside content)

Head hunting (more well done bounty mods)

The North Road Remastered (tracking down a POS in a new worldscape references in above mods by th3overseer)


Honorable mentions to the New Bison Steve and Hollander hotel mods.

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1 hour ago, Swanky said:

Interesting @aghjax, never knew there was a patch for NVK, would mind sharing a link? Can't seem to find it.

I'm pretty sure the standalone version just references to Judge Richter and how he done things not alluding to you having agreed to work for him at the end of NVB 1. You still have to eliminate the same 'primary' targets.

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1 hour ago, Azzhat said:

What about Tales of New Reno? Are they any good?

I can't speak to the remasters which are surely better than the originals I played through. But I know they still all pretty much need to be played on it's own new save since it conflicts with quite a bit of vanilla things last time I looked it over in FNVedit. Bar that it's not bad for a standalone playthrough I just don't like doing that personally.

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I had a lot of ITMs and issues with Tales of New Reno. Quests wouldn't behave as they should, missing assets in the world etc.


What I am using myself. All voiced with very few exceptions.


Someguy2000 series

NVB 1 - 3 (starts off a little slow but ends as one of the best written mod series for me, with around 98% of the dialogue being voiced)

The Inheritance (well written story)

King of the Ring (adds a boxing ring)

Russell (not per se a quest mod but has a lenghty, albeit slightly buggy quest line to complete)

Better Angels (ties up loose ends with Someguy mods)



North Road Remastered (one of the better / best new worldspace quest mods, but a few NPCs are unfortunatly not voiced)

Eliza (new companion with many quests)

The Initiation (expands Great Khans depending on how you deal with them)


Baron Von Chateau

Autumn Leaves (oldschool styled murder mystery with excellent dialogue)


Mike Hancho

Afterschool Special (restore Goodsprings' old schoolhouse and renovate it into your personal home, it's a lenghty quest that will likely only be finished once you have reached Vegas, but it's nicely done and has a lot of features and QoL stuff)

The New Bison Steve Hotel (restore Primm's Bison Steve Hotel - excellent voice acting and well done quest, can produce steady but not OP income once you finish it)



Deimos (well written Quest line that's not strictly lore friendly. Yes it's the same guy that did Falskaar for Skyrim)

The Collector (uploaded as Gunmaster95 - neat fetch quest located in the Tops)



The Deterrent (A Run&Gun Questline in a new worldspace. It's okay-ish. Slight incompatibility with Saxxon's Quest pack as 2 hostile factions will spawn in the same area)



Salt Lake Stories (huge new lands & quest mod, very oldschool without quest markers, with hidden areas and stuff. Not a lot to shoot at, and practically no skills/perks needed. Well executed, too, so despite its shortcomings well worth all the hassle.)



Cal-Nev-Ari (A small town south of Searchlight Airport that is suitable for both NCR and Legion friendly characters)



Saxxon's Quest Pack (various smaller quests around various settlements and in between, many of them being voiced and in rather good quality)



The Big Rescue (it's weird but plays out rather surprisingly in the end. It's not super lorefriendly but has a lot of ideas thrown in that make it worth playing)


Greggorypreccari (?)

Novac Library (sends you on an errand to recover various books in order to restore a Library in Novac)



Willow (not a questmod per se, but a well written companion with a lot to do)


I have pretty much played through all of them except for Eliza, Initiation (who I couldn't because of my ingame decisions) and Novac Library but the rest works out nicely alongside each other with no / minimal incompatibilities (as noted). You might want to steer clear of any Freeside mods as the ones listed will add a lot of smaller things there. I also want to test Family Matters by nazothedark at some point, and incorporate A world of pain in one of its earlier, lorefriendlier versions in my next playthrough.




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