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Can someone help me with this problam

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Yes....so when I did the update FNIS behavior, everything that it red started to say this......... Idk not what I did work, I even installed all of the mods that it's said to download and I even made sure if the mods were conflicting with other ones and I rearrange them.


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You don't know? All those warnings are telling you these anims are not for SE. You installed Sexlab (and probably more mods that aren't shown in that screenshot) for LE and not the one for SE.


Uninstall, search and install the SE version of these mods (there are pinned threads in the Skyrim SE section of the forum, there is also a Sexlab framework downloads SE section, etc.). Run FNIS again and you should see no warnings at all. Any warning in FNIS is something wrong that you have to fix.

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You're welcome.


BTW, the pinned threads I was talking about are SSE Conversion Tracking thread and Sexlab Framework SE. The former is a compilation of links and information about mods that have been ported to SE and their current state (stable, beta, buggy, etc.), it's your best source of mods for SE (if you stick to the green/light blue ones which are already ported mods in a stable or beta state). The later is the framework for SE, which doesn't appear in the download section for SE, because is uploaded as an attached file to the forum thread (at the bottom of the first message in the thread).

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