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Looting corpses does weird things

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Whenever i try to loot a corpse, the corpse is suddenly stripped of armor, and about half of the time some other wacky effect occurs.

Such effects:

The corpse exploding with Poison/fire

The corpse reanimating as a skeleton

The corpse turning to dust 

The corpse turning into a gravestone


The problem is that i haven't intentionally installed a mod that does any of this, and i can't find out which one of my mods is doing it.

The wacky corpse effects are annoying and immersion breaking, but the armor stripping is really bad. I have some armor mods that give npcs custom armor, but with the stripping i can't wear any of it myself, as it just disappears.


If any of you guys have heard of a mod that does this, i would like to know, so that i can investigate just what the hell is going on here.

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That's not your loadorder but your modlist, still useful in this context but a couple of things

  1. You have both NetImmerse Override and Racemenu installed. Racemenu already contains NiO, so it's useless to have it installed. You can see that NiO is being 100% overwritten by Racemenu because there is a gray lighting bolt icon.
  2. Similarly, you have MFG Console installed, this mod is already included in Sexlab Framework, you can see the same gray icon besides MFG Console.
  3. You have files in your Overwrite, which isn't likely the cause of this issue but is not recommended. You should try to keep an empty Overwrite folder, moving these files to each mod or creating a new mod to store these files. Having files in Overwrite might cause troubles in the long run if you're not organized.
  4. That modlist is a mess. My worst nightmare. Do you see how the Unofficial patch is placed at 62 priority? XPMSE is placed really early and is being overwritten by another mod, I hope it's by MNC. But still I think that's a really old version and you shouldn't be using that one. You also have both Player Succubus Quest and Succubus Heart, can you do that? I mean these are two entirely different mods that basically do the same, in very different ways. I think you should be using just one.

And of course there are some names I don't know and don't feel like checking one by one, which would be easier to check with proper plugin names anyway. I'd recommend you to sort your modlist, create a copy of that profile and start testing in a new game with few mods active. You can start by disabling half your mods, if the issue/feature is in there, the culprit is one of the mods still enabled. So exit the game, disable half of your enabled mods and try again. Repeat until you get to the point where disabling or enabling one mod in particular gives you a different result. MO will warn you if any of the mods you have enabled require a mod that has been disabled, you'll have to disable or enable both mods, otherwise you'll crash before even starting the test. And sort your loadorder between enables/disables.


Edit: for future reference, your loadorder and modlist can be found in txt format in

  • \Mod Organizer 2\profiles\Default\loadorder.txt
  • \Mod Organizer 2\profiles\Default\modlist.txt

So you don't need to take and upload several screenshots. The "Default" folder can have a different name, that's the name of your profile. Providing the content of these text files in a spoiler would be nice.

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1. Should i enable the Custom mod with overwrite files?

2. I mainly use succubus heart, but player succubus quest has an arousal-vision function i like, so i use it for that, and ignore it otherwise

3. I'll try going down the list and disabling stuff, and let you know if i run into anything

4. While it doesn't really bother me, i have been getting a CTD anytime i try to load a save from the main menu. I've just been making a default character every time, and loading my save from there.

5. and here is my load order


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  1. I have no idea of the content of your Overwrite, you should know what to do with these files. And if you don't, start checking from which mod are these files and read about them.
  2. Your choice.
  3. thumbs up.
  4. Sounds like too many animations. Try using Animation Loading Fix, it's available on the Nexus site for Skyrim.
  5. Even with that, I can't say I recognize the mod doing that. Give it a try to the disabling/enabling process or wait and hope for someone else to know which mod could be the culprit.
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