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Bodyslide noob here, question about CBBE and 3BBB

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It's a little bit more than that. 3BBB is a body type that has slightly different animation bones than normal CBBE. To put it another way, they use the same textures, but different physics. Fortunately, most physics mods work just fine with both.


Now, if all of your armor goes over the base body, then you will have some issues with physics (the armor and the body will do different things). If you are using an armor that contains its own body (called a 'reference shape'), then everything will work fine, but it will use standard CBBE physics instead of 3BBB.


If you want your CBBE armor to use and work with a 3BBB body, then you will need to convert it. Fortunately, since they use the same base mesh, and most of the same sliders, the conversion process isn't too difficult. There are several conversion guides for this, but the basic idea is to

  1. open the armor in Outfit Studio,
  2. swap the current reference for the new one,
  3. conform sliders,
  4. copy bone weights,
  5. and save.

If the armor doesn't have a reference shape to start with, add the new reference shape, follow the steps listed above, and then delete the reference shape before saving.


Hope this helps.

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2 hours ago, sirbronn said:

Thank you very much, is there maybe a more detailed guide? I've never used outfit studio and only recently used bodyslide (and I'm basically limited to save preset and batch build) :D 

If not I'll just look around and experiment. Thanks again.

what I recommend first  you may better read git-hub documents  of Outift studio.


because it offer more tool detail manuall, how they work..  then most difficulty I experienced, how each file which OS generate, or load, and  BS load and generate

are related,   then they will be used in game. 


If you understand clear skyrim mesh strucutre, I think you only need to concentrate, OS project,  slider0-set  , and shape files which you will generate from OS.

so if you find problem you can easy edit and ovewrwite them without generate many un-usable file ^^;  and keep clean your file structure.


And one more ,

 you may often see word about "conversion reference " etc,, but actually most of them not work, well for SE conversion. (though if you are skillful, you may make

more reasonable covnersion reference, for any conversion I feel,,)    so I seldom try to use "conversion reference"


About CBBE to 3BBB they are actually almost same shape, so you can easy working, just add 3bbb project, then swap reference body.

 (just ignore conversion reference) and start conversion.





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