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Oniki Male underwear needed

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I've been working on a underwear as left and right garter for some time now, but it doesn't just feel right releasing for females alone. WE NEED MALE UNDERWEAR TOO.


I don't know the intensity of the code, but while the underwear is on, the default EA (dickless) male bottom could be underneath it and when it's off, the regular dick and balls come out. It'd still have to be an accessory either way.

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Yah, you'll need KW to recognize males 'wear' garters. It's not an option for them. So the specifics for this are unknown to me.


Kw must allow males to use garters and must have script flag in place to give guys the same underwear use as gals. One garter is for bottoms, and the other for tops (bra).


I'm not even sure if EA has a 'slot' for male accessories to keep this information.


I know others are also working on some new male underwear options, but if wanting to be used in the same format as KW/garter for females, then there must be script to support it.


I've been experimenting with Trans options as I was pushed to this because I couldn't find a single 'skin' option that placed the penis texture on the KW/Futa setting. I have only one - listed as 'EA default'. With it a KW/Futa WILL have penis texture mapping, but compared to most other recent skins, 'EA Default'  doesn't look as realistic.


So I changed CAS settings to allow male and female clothes to be used for either sex - but it gets messy, and confusing if not vigilant. There are obvious problems with body seams, and one must use discretion if the illusion is to be decent. Given this, I can allow guys to 'wear' underwear, but since it requires the use of a female nude bottom, removing KW underwear per KW script only shows a female bottom, no Penis is there to be exposed.


I've been Freeballing ever since using KW because of this and applaud your interest in creating an equal opportunity solution.

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