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Wicked Whims and Mods Problem

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I have recently updated my The Sims 4 to the Seasons version, but all my mods just stopped working. I have downloaded and installed new versions of WW and WCCMD and they even appear in the The Sims 4 Mods list; however, they simply won't work. I have tried checking the enable/unable mods boxes again and again, reinstalled The Sims 4, delete the mods folder and build it from scratch, everything.

My sim only seems to be able to get naked and that's all. WW and WCCMD options and interactions won't even appear. ?


(The mods used to work properly a while ago in the core game, without seasons and all.)


Also, other saved games that had WW or WCCMD modifications won't open and the game crashes every time I try to open them.


What am I doing wrong? Halp





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