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Where is Guf/Barman


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Well, I just got the Bravil Underground, the Slavers deal, and the creatures and bitch and all that stuff however I am having difficulties in finding 'Guf/Barman' from the Lovers Victims 1.4.2 mod, everything runs correctly like the breeding room is there any everything I just cannot find where Guf is to actually begin the quest.


Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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I've played Bravil Underground several times through, but have never played LoversVictims.  I thought LoversVictims was an old version of Bravil Underground. ??? I'm not sure.


Anyways, to start the trainer quests for Bravil Underground, see Onan in the Trainer's Guild.  To start the main quest line, see John in the Arena (and later HanPL, the bartender in the Silver Vine Tavern).  There are other quests you can get from the Torture Agent, the Necromancer guy (Herbert West?), Lara, the fence guy (sorry, forgot his name), and the Prostitute Mansion madam.  There is no Guf/Barman in Bravil Underground.


If you are asking about LoversVictims and not Bravil Underground, then ignore the above.

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Yes HanPL, the bartender in the Silver Vine Tavern, is the new version of Guf the Barman. But Lovers Victims didn't work with the new LoversSlaveTrader and BravilUnderground. Even if you add the old "Victems" dialogs to the new barmen, the scripts from old SlaveTrader and new SlaveTrader are different. It didn't work, I tried it.(You get the quest, can bring slaves to the "Victem" places, but the training/sex system didn't work)

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Lovers Victims is indeed outdated and discontinued.  Bravil Underground is the "new" version of victims and all NPC's have been renamed, all quests are different and so on.


You will need to forget everything you knew or were used to from victims as it has been completely reworked.  To start BUG you need to read the handbill in your inventory and do what it says.  This info is posted in the OP of Bravil Underground's thread.

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