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Functionally Nude Outfits- Pack I

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Functionally Nude Outfits- Pack I

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Hey guys, thanks for your support for the last few months as I've gotten started converting!

As promised, I will release merged patches for converted armor in sets of 5!


Functionally Nude I contains:

-Wuyi1 by Wuyi
-Aradia Latex outfit by Aradia
-Aradia Leather outfit by Aradia
-Adhesive Bandages by Tsuke76
-Slave Outfit by Asenasen

This Zip contains the Merged ESP along with the Bodyslide files.

To keep the size of the zip low, the meshes and textures are not included.


If you already have the source mods installed, adding the merged ESP is simple:

Install using NMM/MO and then deactivate the original mod's ESP Files.

Please realize that if you boot in to a save with the separate mods previously installed, Skyrim will warn you they have been removed, and strip all items from any NPC's they were equipped to.

If you would like to make a separate zipped file for the pack:

-Download this file
-Add all the "textures" "meshes" and "scripts" folders from the listed mods to the zip file.
-Install the final zip file





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