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HDT SMP broken by MO2 update ??

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Hello Everyone,


So i just updated my MO2 to the latest version and now my SMP do not work ingame....


The body physics seems to work but every smp hair wont work at all....

I tried to revert on old MO2 version but it doesnt seems to fix it, looks like the bad is done for good...


Someone know how to fix that ? 

please save me lol, i am on skyrim LE

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Broken how? did the HDT files change after the update? a simple re-install doesn't fix the issue? Which MO version did you had before the update? Did you check if your OS has the required visual c++ redist. for the latest versions? Did you check the update was completed correctly without warnings from any antivirus/spyware software?

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the hair just dont move at all now. yes i tried to re install even tried to use different smp path versions.


I had 2.2.0 and updated to latest everything was working fine before that.


Yes i have visual c++ redist x64 and i had no antivirus issues.....


Basically everything was working then i did the update and the smp hair stopped moving.... now even when i try to revert on older MO2 version the hair are still stuck


EDIT: so apparently it was a save issue..... i did a new game and smp was working on hair there.... then from this new save i loaded my old one and it fixed the hair there..... honestly i dont know really what happened but now all is working.... thanks for the help tho.

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