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VR Kanojo Outfit Pack

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                                                  *All Files uploaded to Google Drive, don't worry.*


Outfits from VR Kanojo, meshes and textures are from DeviantArt (rotten-eyed).
1. Outfits are made for CBBE body.
2. Not planing on UNP version, or Fallout 4 porting. (I'm lazy as f**k.)
3. DO NOT upload this mod to other sites without permission.
4. Full version is only available for Discord members.
Illusion - Devs of VR Kanojo
Caliente - Author of  CBBE and BodySlide and Outfit Studio
|Using Tools|
Adobe Photoshop
Autodesk Maya
BodySlide and Outfit Studio
Creation Kit
|Change Log|
|02.14.20|V1.0 - Add 3 outfits.
     ﹂ V1.1 - Add 10 attachments.
|Other Mods|

SRX Followers - All in One Edition Nexusmods )

SRX Followers - Elin Race Pack ( LoversLab )

Project SNNR - Skyrim Nobody NPC Replacer Nexusmods )

Killing Floor 2 Gear Pack ( LoversLab )

Counter-Strike Online 2 Outfit Pack ( LoversLab )

Outlive ENB Nexusmods, Fallout 4)





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    XPMSE, HDT Physics Extensions
  • Special Edition Compatible


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