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Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem


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I purchased this a while back to support it as an option to Blizzards Cartoon releases. I played D2 religiously, but the hacks and refusal to do the right thing 'soon enough' had me leave that after a couple years. If only the 'final' version had been released sooner....


I played D3 once through to Diablo, then uninstalled. Tried P.o.E.   Perhaps I needed more time to get back into the hack n grind looter style.


Since Wolcen was alpha at the time, I messed with it a bit, then decided to wait till the final product was available. I did the same with SubNautica and was rewarded.


From the looks of things, I could be 'rewarded' again.


Edit: Looking closer at those avatars, I'm getting this weird Korean MMO vibe. One thing I wish newer games would do is drop all those fuckin' zeros! Old DnD player here, and that's the one universal I've noticed over the years... 5 billion damage per swing? It's ok, my armor has defense of 498 billion.....

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