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Is Wicked Whims Compatible With Mod Organizer 2?

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4 minutes ago, H0t Sausage Grrl said:

Hi sorry if this is accidentally a repost but I'm not sure if I can download Wicked Whims in modnexus though the Mod Organizer 2 software. While at it, I feel a bit overwhelmed with the download/installation process; where should I begin? Thanks for taking your time.

You can do lots of shit through Mod  Organizer if you open a program through it. If you download something it will drop in the Overwrites folder...


However, unless I am mistaken... Mod Organizer isn't designed for WW and likely shouldn't be used for it.  I'd instead look up some tutorials for Sims modding and/or at least post the request for mod manager on WW page advice.  I modded Sims 4 before and unlike Bethesda, didn't need any manager for it. The setup for modding Sims is much different. Actually both easier and harder at the same time.. lol. 

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possibly Vortex might be able to properly work Sims 4 mods.. and works with Nexus to boot... Might check and see if that works. If you want a single mod manager.. Vortex can also work for the other games (so I was told) that Nexus supports ) for the most part. :D I didn't think of that previously when I p osed.

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1 hour ago, H0t Sausage Grrl said:

For some reason, I am not getting a mod folder; do I need to finish the tutorial/begin a game without one for the folder to show up?

No... you NEED TO MAKE  a mod folder then put your mods in it.


I'd advise watching a few Sims modding videos on Youtube. There is a science to modding Sims 4 to really get the most out of it. (organization etc)

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