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wench body is spreading

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i used immersive wenches and Yurianna for one play through, and it went well, but now that i have a new texture for npcs, it's being overwritten by what i thought was a improvement but after a break from skyrim i hammered out two unrelated issues and this is the last one.

here's what went on and what was done in response:

1. leyenda skin is working on most npcs but stops on certain npcs, so i lowered the active mods to 118

2.replaced leyenda with the AIO HDT animated pussy and changed all texture files to any mod below

3. skipped to profit stage somehow and got a prime view of what mod was aeffecting sigrid in this case, and here i am


i'm not sure the wench bodytype applies to vanilla npcs and would like help on how to fix this

I forgot to mention it afflicts other vanilla npcs and some bandits



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