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characters constantly refuse to have sex

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I had this issue a couple of days ago, though the Sims in question were teens (i.e. my prostitute was propositioned by teen client but couldn't service them). Scorpio posted this :



On 1/13/2020 at 4:41 PM, Scorpio said:

Try these settings:


WW Settings/Sex Settings/Cheats: Always Accept ON, Manual NPC Switch ON, Change Sex Location Anywhere ON, Sim Needs Decay Switch ON.

(All others OFF unless you want some different settings)


WW Settings/Sex Settings/Other/Enable Teen Sex ON, (others optional)


WW Settings/Relationship Settings/Open Relationships ON, Romance Age Restriction ON, 

                                                            /Cheats: Desire Switch ON, Global Jealousy OFF, Global Incest (your choice).


WW Settings/Sex Settings/Autonomy Settings/Asking for Sex Dialog Settings/ Check all 3 boxes to ON 



It worked for me. Maybe it can solve your problem, too?

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for me it works when always accept is on. However, I have the problem that sex invitations are always turned down when one of the two sims is in a relationship with another sim than the one they're asking or getting asked (despite the open relationships switch being on and the romance relationship being maxed out). So sex works when the 2 sims are a) in a relationship with each other or b) both single. It does NOT work when one of the sims is in a relationship with another sim, even if they're the one asking. (except the always accept switch is on, that works for me)
I cannot make any sense out of this at the moment... it seems to me that it's the "open relationships" switch that doesn't work properly or something.

edit: nvm I just found out that open relationships has nothing to do with the sex invitations, but only unlocks your sims to have multiple partners and spouses... still, that doesn't solve the existing problem

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