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Modern alternative to Easy CASP Editor? For blacklisting EA defaults when sims age up as well as editing the categories and other aspects of clothing already in game vis the EA installer.

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I have really searched and spent a few hours reading before asking a question this time! lol.


I was looking at Easy CASP Editor but it is not compatible with patch 1.69... Does S3PE allow you to edit the sims3pack files for Custom and EA content that are already put in the game via the EA installer? Or can it just edit package files that are sitting in your mods directory?


I would like to blacklist a bunch of EA items to make them unavailable to sims when aging up.


I would also like to edit some already installed custom content (via the installer), simple things like changing the categories or making them an accessory.


Is this possible via S3PE?


Thanks in advance.







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This will explain more, faster than I could.





Then you can use S3PE on the package files.


No experience with blacklisting...  Considering the state of the game, not sure how effective or inclusive it would be for the time invested. This is my own opinion, given my play style.




The mod section of 'modthesims' has a lot of things one can probably 'tune' themselves within MC, but it sure is nice to just plug it in. Adding to the package count the game must read is a consideration.

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