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what program do you use for seeing dds flie

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i have used honey view for image file.

but this one can't read some dds file well

when i extract vv files from 3dmigoto. that all dds files aren't read by that program

they all show transparent image. nothing i can see. just transparency.

but when i open that file by photoshop i can see something. and give alpha channel option, i can see everything.


so it is problem of honeyview. i need another program to check dds image. help me

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4 hours ago, TT15 said:

I use Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 


You have to use the Intel Texture Works Plugin for Photoshop: https://gametechdev.github.io/Intel-Texture-Works-Plugin/


Install the plugin for Adobe Photoshop, and once you open the file check the "Load transparency as alpha channel" Box.


There is a tutorial on how to edit on this link on how to save aswell: 


i know that. have used it.

but it's too hard to check image. so i need something just for reading

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On 1/23/2020 at 12:55 PM, 007poker said:


Hi. You need the intel plugin for photoshop. Here is the download link. Follow the tutorial he has explaining step by step how to import, export ...


i already use photoshop for dds. i have said about viewing program on here. using photoshop for checking the image is so bothersome. i need some viewing program loading the image quickly and changing into next quickly. i don't have a problem with photoshop

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