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New person around =)


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Hey guys,how are you all?

Sorry if the area for this kind of thread isn't here <.<

Some of the vocabulary can be considered adult,so I'll keep in spoilers,since being all formal screws up with a introduction.


[spoiler=Introcudtion text here!]

Well I started playing oblivion in PC a while ago and of course,I started modding,I use almost every kind of mod,adult related,god,''pawn'',clothings,bug fixing,clothes etc.


I noticed this forum by the milk slave mod,and tried it a bit,and must I say I loved it ^^,so I decided to introduce myself around.


I'm not quite a mod creator myself (just some very small ones worked),but I do install and test mods a lot,as well gladly giving feedback for them, I want to help keeping oblivion modding alive for a good time,and I do intent to create big mods,especially unique architeture and functions,yet I'm a lost lamb at coding and scripting,but I don't lack ideas,creativity and effort in due occasions,hope to have fun around with you all,maybe even creating mods alongside you guys xD


Ohh and I love games,some animes and I'm a fan of music in general,actually I'm planning to release my musics folder as a mod (replacer),and if possible expand the max number of musics playables ingame.


That's about it for the time being,wanna more details just try to contact me *winks* lol.

Important note: I'm a dude,don't try getting my IMs for boobs >.>



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