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Question about how to detach a bodymesh from a piece of clothing

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So, i wanted to create a new follower.

A demonic witch, this time. blabla yadda yadda.


Problem is - the Torsoarmor i'm using has a bodymesh attached to it - but the shoes, that im trying to use, have one too!

Is there a way so that i can detach the bodymesh (bodyslide shows a full body in preview) so that i can use the shoes together with the armor?

I changed it already in f04edit and i can now equip both at the same time but instead of just wearing the shoes it "Clones" my feet due to the doublemesh.

(we are talking about heels so it looks ... NO!)

In other words, i need to get the "Outfit feet" into the heels.. somehow...


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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