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Super Mutants and Ghouls not erect

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I know there's 2 other threads about this topic currently on here, but I still haven't found a solution for my problem. I got everything working, AAF is working and the animations all work.


I did download that One Patch To Bang Them All mod and installed it successfully, but still the problem persists.


But my problem currently is that the Super Mutants and Ghouls are always flaccid.


I had the same issue with the dogs, but SOMEWHERE someone just posted a fix which was to swap two files around to make the dogs ALWAYS erect, which works for me, doesn't really matter much.


Is there a similar fix for the Ghoul and Mutant issue? I looked around files a bit, but can't really figure it out.


EDIT: I figured out again how to make the dogs at least erect, since One Patch To Bang Them All broke it again. I made the Dogmeat.nif the same file as Dogmeat_nude.nif in the meshes/actors/ folder.


The same can't be done about the Super Mutants and Ghouls though

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