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Jerky video only in dwarven ruins

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A couple weeks ago I started to experience very jerky video only when entering dwarven ruins, eg, with draugr present.  I have tried everything with no luck. I disabled every mod I had installed in the past three weeks. I cleaned up my savegame, ran LOOT and FNIS, no change. When not in a dwemer ruin, it runs smooth as silk. I am running 16gb of ram, with a high end Geforce video card.

Plenty of cpu power.

Any Ideas?

Thank you.

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15 minutes ago, tbase69 said:

only when entering dwarven ruins, eg, with draugr present. 

What dwarven ruin has draugr in it?

If you have a mod which puts them there then that should be the first thing to look at.


Things get embedded in the saves so a new game is the only reliable way to see if a change has made any difference.

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I just signed in to edit my post. It is not in Dwemer ruins, just ruins with Draugr. I am presently in a Dwemer/Dwarven ruin and it is working perfectly.

Sorry for the mistake. I am presently playing in the mod "Vominheim".

Thanks for the reply.

TBase, 78.

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Spawn draugr in an unaffected cell see if they tank your framerate, possibly they have wrong skeleton.nif or one is getting a modded armor or weapon that is poorly optimized you may need to spawn a few if it's only because of a lvl list weapon. If draugr don't cause any problem then look for mods editing interior lights or navmesh of the areas you have problems with, eliminate those mods from load and test again.

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Tried that, Draugr not the problem. It is isolated to specific draugr caves in this mod. Some of them work fine, others drop to 1-2 FPS. If I can manage to get outside, no problem.....smooth video.


I  just quit the two mods....not worth the trouble. It seems to be isolated to Vominheim and Hammet's Dungeon mods, which are intertwined. Too bad. I enjoyed exploring these islands, but I had problems in about half the underground areas. Sucks. Thanks for your advice.

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