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Fixing black textures after Break Blow

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Hello, I tried googling for an answer and reading through forum threads but could not find an answer so far.  There are certain mods that I'm using which look totally normal at the beginning of a fight; however, whenever certain characters, in certain outfits, get hit with a "break blow" their body textures become solid black. 


I'm wondering if there is an easy way to fix this myself? I'm hoping that I can copy the body skin for that costume in  REDELBE's "MaterialEditor" folder and rename it. So, if the file was named "MPR_Muscle_Character_XYZCOS001_body_kidsalb.g1t," then I would copy and paste that file and rename it to something like "MPR_Muscle_Character_XYZCOS001a_body_kidsalb.g1t" or "MPR_Muscle_Character_XYZCOS001_body_a01.ktid," or whatever would be correct.


I've managed to fix missing or broken textures on other mods by doing something similar but have not been able to figure this one out yet. Is there a specific filename that REDELBE looks for with skins after receiving a break blow, or does anyone with more experience in REDELBE know what texture files I should copy and what they should be renamed to? Have not been able to fix this through trial and error yet but wasn't sure if any mod creators out there knew more about what file name REDELBE would be looking for when the textures stop working after break blows.


I've attached two screenshots below, they are from Hitomi's costume slot 004 and the first pic is before a break-blow and the second pic shows what it looks like after.


Any help or advice on how to fix the broken or missing textures would be appreciated, thanks!

HTM_COS_004 normal.jpg

HTM_COS_004 broken.jpg

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12 hours ago, vagonumero13 said:

Get the file "HTM_COS_004.mtl" from game (using qrdbtool).

Copy it there to the mod, AND rename it as HTM_COS_004a.mtl.

Awesome thank you, will give this a try!


Edit: It worked, thank you! Figures that since you created REDELBE you would know what you are doing, great work man, your tools are appreciated!

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