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  1. This is not happening only in modding, but in general. I can't really understand why forums are being replaced by chat servers, they serve different purposes. Like replacing a car with a ship.
  2. Are you sure that you are logged in when checking the file? It usually says "unavailable" only to non-registered or non-logged users.
  3. The SRSXtool is in the first most, like the rest of utilities. You may have to scroll down to see the attachments.
  4. The character from Project Eve... but the game is still not released.
  5. You can fuck chinese whores for 50 bucks where I live. Definitely more valuable than wasting it on Nexus.
  6. The link works. You have to write the password "kasumi" in the first textbox and then click the button at the right that says"ダウンロード Ignore the textbox and button at bottom of page, those are for the author to delete the file with a private password.
  7. Wine/proton or whatever may not like the api hooking. Is there anything written to the log at all?
  8. It seems correct. I just tried, and it doesn't work here either. Maybe somehow the implementation doesn't work properly specifically in this costume or Diego or males, I'll have to research that.
  9. REDELBE updated to 3.0 Changelog: - Added an option to disable the splash screen. To disable splash screen, set the ini setting "disable_splash" in the [Misc] section to true. (Note that disabling the splash screen doesn't remove the game bug that affects some people where the game takes time starting sometimes). - The random music patch has been extended with a new mode called "fullmix". This mode allows to set several bgm's for each character/stage. To enable, set "enable_random_music" to true in the [Random] section of the .ini file, and set "mode" in [RandomMusic] section to fullmix. To customize the tracks, edit the file REDELBE/fullmix.ini. - Added a patch that allows modders to create a mesh transformation mod; the transformation happens when the attacker character does a breakblow or when they do a taunt. Modders can implement this like if it were a layer2 breakable costume, and then add "transform = true" in the [General] section of the mod.ini file. - A layer2 mod of the Sweat stage can now use of the "disable_npc" introduced in previous update. (an a version using it can be found in "[Optional] Extras/Story mode stages" ----------- So, for transformation mod, just do a regular breakable costume, and then have this: [General] type = costume transform = true And that will make the mesh change on taunt&attack breakblow and disable the regular breakability. Have in mind that both costume and hair transform (because of this, you could also use this in no breakable costume if you want to achieve only hair transform).
  10. Is there any change if you try to use the rigbin of the other costume? Anyway, it could be someething else we have missed. There is also this COLL section that I have never looked at, I don't know if it could have any impact on this. There maybe things outside the g1m that could cause an effect. For example, the other day I noticed that there is no way for the tails of some sci-fi costumes to work in other slot (albeit I noticed a change when copying the rigbin but it would still not animate properly), which seem to indicate that there are some settings somewhere that control behaviors of the costumes.
  11. Well the fact that at least that error was returned means that at least the parser works correctly, but the export code doesn't like whe the numbers of vertex buffers is different to the numbers of layout, or the number of vertex buffers different to the number of index buffers, as it (incorrectly) assumes that they are all indexed the same, which is the case of most g1m. You may try your luck in other g1m, it may work.
  12. Probably better reply you with the files (obiously in current public version of REDELBE, this won't transform but just work as breakable, but the idea is that in next version it will, upon adding a setting to the mod.ini which I haven't yet called). But basically I reordered the things in mtl (If you decompile those with fid_utility, you will see a weird ordering of the materials) Also, initially I had it to use the Arnice hair with the "work" thing, but then I realized that the glasses including in the hair would remain in demon form, so well, I just instead used a breakable hair, since the hair will also transform. Edit: so more or less, in the normal mtl, 0-4 are used, and mapped to the Arnice costume. In the "a.mtl", only 0 and 2 are used, The 0 here doesn't need to be the same than in the other one (pbody is 0 in my a.mtl, and 5 -unused- in the normal mtl) Arnice transformable.zip
  13. So this was a idea that I had long ago, but I didn't start to research if it was doable until yesterday. In the game we have: - A mesh based transformation that is used for breakable costumes. - A texture based transformation triggered by the attacker in a break blow or by the appeal(taunt) action. So I thought it would be possible to swap the events, and get the attacker have a mesh transformation when doing a break blow or appeal. And... it worked. Here is a example of Phase 4 Arnice transforming into Demon Form. (the Demon Form is from this @gatto tommod here) Of course, it can also be used for "reverse break". Notice that in this video, the break of Rachel costume happens before the hit, while the break of Momiji happens later (as that's a normal breakable). (The broken Rachel in the video is from @用户名623 mod here) The only problem is that we still have the material amount limitations. For the example, in the case of the Arnice, it was a luck that PHF_COS_002 had enough materials for both, the normal Arnice costume and the demon form thing. Also, I know that you can transform before battle, but that currently doesn't work here, apparently that's a different event for the game, thus my patch doesn't affect it.
  14. g1t_tools updated to 0.3. Changelog: - qg1t_tool and g1t_replace will now reduce the mips level when injecting a texture to match the mips level of the texture existing in the .g1t. This fixes the compatibility of the tools with Final Fantasy Dissidia NT and possibly other games. (Usually photoshop/paint.net generate two more levels of mip maps than the ones these games use, on symmetric textures, that would be the 1x1 and 2x2 mips, so nothing of value is lost).
  15. I don't have the game, so it is unlikely I will fix it anytime soon. Anyway, I'm curious, which is the error? Does it crash, extract bad files or cancel extracting printing something?
  16. Is that g1t file original from the game or was it modified by some program at some point?
  17. I can't see the image. Try drag and dropping it directly into the post, there is no need to use external server to upload an image here. But it would be better if you upload the .g1t file. Anyway, regardless of what error is, it wouldn't be a good idea to currently use the g1t_tools to replace a Dissidia .g1t. This is because I've realized that some versions of the engine (like the one in Dissidia NT pc) doesn't like the 2x2 and 1x1 mipmaps that the photoshop plugin or paint.net generate and may crash the game. All official .g1t I have seen in any game never had such small mipmaps. That's something that I will fix in next version, I'll make sure that g1t_replace and qg1t_tool remove the smaller irrelevant mipmaps so that they stay compliant with the original files.
  18. That's probably because the game is picking another version of the files, with lower quality. You can try the following. Before starting the game, rename the following file in the morning version of the stages: Envs_S0901WAY_env.motor.kidsscndb.kidsobjdb -> Envs_S0901WAY_low_env.motor.kidsscndb.kidsobjdb
  19. I'm in already in contact with him. But exporting it is not the same than reimporting it in the g1m. There is a set of operations... that well, it doesn't look like the reverse operation is an easy task.
  20. I made an updated version of the "Road Rage (cloudy and more snow)" and the rainy one. The previous one still had much light. It was a bit odd that being cloudy, there was so much light, so I decided to change it. The parameter to control that light is "SkylightCloudShadowFade". It is one of those parameters that can go from 0.0 to 1.0. It was set to 0.0, I changed it to 1.0. Moooar Road Rage.zip
  21. For looking at animations, the tool of Joschka works better: https://forum.xentax.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=21666&p=159339#p159339 The case of face animations is a specific case that I have to solve. I don't know for sure about the Atelier Ryza, but maybe it is the case of g1m that have the skeleton in another g1m (like some g1m having the meshes, and another one just having the skeleton). That's the case of Dissidia NT and I suspect it may be the case of Atelier Ryza, but I haven't checked. Fixing something like that would require to prompt the user for the other g1m.
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