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DoA Characters

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Hey DOAXVV Community !

I wonder why there is no Tina,Lisa,Christie, etc.

Those are essentiell (in my opinion) to the Game and they didnt implement them...yet ?

Anybody knows if DMM is going to add them in later updates ?

Would be a shame if they dont add them, dont you think so ?

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Sorry but i have to vent my anger/disappointment.
Instead of creating a new Topic, im going to do it here.

Why isnt KT adding already existing Characters like Lisa, Tina, etc etc...
Instead we're getting some Characters i've never heard of !?
Monica,Sayuri,Patty and now Tsukushi...are they even Part of the DoA Universe ?
Lisa,Tina,Mila,Christie,Rachel... so many Babes to choose from.
I can understand if they dont add ''obscure'' Characters that maybe appeared only once in early DoAs.
But all the Girls i listed are in the latest DoA (5+6).

Isnt this Game called DEAD OR ALIVE Venus Vacation ?
So why is KT adding some fictional Characters that have nothing to do with the DoA Universe ?
Sure, they are attractive, but if i want to have fictional and attractive Models, i can play Honey Select 2.
What a Shame :(

Sorry, just had to vent my disappointment somewhere :'(

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