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  1. I dont understand what to do. Nothing is showing up in any tab. Where do I put the mods in ? Just downloaded the NudeStrapSet and put it into .../Mods/Costumes/CostumeCustomizer and nothing is showing up. Put it into .../Mods/Costumes/CostumeCustomizer/01 and still nothing is showing up. I did use the Update file and it didnt help either. Please Help ! I dont get it 🥺 EDIT: OK, I think i got it. You just have to put all the Files into the Folder (01-96). I did put the the whole Folder into .../01 and this isnt how it works 😄
  2. @tk2004 How do I erase the rest of the Items that are in this stage ? There is still a Fan, Lights, Wall, Chair etc, when i look at her from behind. I want the Stage clear of ALL Items. Can you Help me please ?
  3. This is BRILLIANT ! Why didnt i see this thread before ? Together with Chromakey its much easier to work with in Photoshop ! THX alot tk2004 !
  4. I got both of the Square bikini mod files (mono and the update) in the Costumes Folder. Like this : I didnt replace anything and it works for all Body-types. Hopefully this answers your question.
  5. HELP ! I may be too stupid but it doesnt work. I downloaded your mod and put it into my ''Skins'' folder and deletet everything else. Your files are the only thing in the ''Skins'' folder ! Downloaded the Square bikini nude mod from your link (krunkdrunks post) and in addition, knight77s white lace bikini nude mod which are in the ''Costumes'' folder. Edit: OK, i think i got it ! Had to Download the ''(_Common) [R] Biwa (Square Bikini) [krunkdunk] (update 2021-01-12)'' from KrunkDrunk. Now it works Perfect ! LOVE the Skins ! GREAT JOB Jenovation THX ALOT ! ❤
  6. Today is the Day ! I waited, and now they're gone.... 😐
  7. When u got an awakened SSR-Suit, you can choose a 2nd Option, right ? (In the Options/Tab where you can switch the Tan of the Girl ) Basically, when u wave that thing around on the 1st Suit-option, it switches to the 2nd after some waving. Works only on awakened SSR-Suits ! You can almost say its worthless, since it only works on awakened suits, which are pretty rare to have/obtain. And you can switch to the 2nd option (which is more revealing/skimpy) in the Clothing-Tan-Tab anyway. I guess you can call it a shortcut, instead doing it manually through the Options, you just wave the fan
  8. How do you buy/unlock these ? I just got my 10th ''Silver coin''. And what does the ticket for 10 coins do ?
  9. Yes, I know that u can tilt the camera with 'Z'. I was just curious if there is a Mod or other things that allow you to zoom the camera out even more without tilting the camera. But sadly there isnt. Btw: Did you guys know that you can reload a Pose with 'R' ? (not the idle-homescreen-pose) I just found out about that recently
  10. @KuroKaze78 Thx alot buddy ! I just erased the Tan-folder i got and its all good now.
  11. I got this graphical glitch when im using the Square bikini nude mod by mono1214. At certain angles some stuff turns Pink (examples in pictures) This glitch only occurs when im using the SquareBikiniNude-mod. Im using the latest updates on everything (Graphic-driver/3dmigoto/d3dx/reshade) Anybody can help me with this ?
  12. Just playing around with Photoshop 😄 Sorry for the same Background
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