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  1. LOL. That's the most often asked question I get from the screenshots I've posted in the past. The mod author did a great job. They're from a mod called "Xia Outfit" by a modder named Snakel Plisken. I have re-modded them for my own use, so they're not going to be exactly the same as you see in my screenshots. I've tried contacting him to get his permission to publish my updated version, but I never got a reply. His mod is found here at his Patreon account: https://www.patreon.com/Snakel101/posts?filters[tag]=XIA
  2. Hey, Jhelpura. I hope I can help. No, you shouldn't have to make any manual changes. Some starting questions... Q: Is this the first time you've installed this mod (version 1.2) or did you update from previous versions? Q: Are you running the latest version of Fallout 4? If not, which version are you using? Q: How many active mods are you running? (See below for instructions on how to find out. *) Here's some things to check out... I can't tell from your post, but make sure you DON'T HAVE BOTH VERSIONS of this mod installed. If you're running clo
  3. The only ones I can give you are: - Tera Rogue - Maxson's Cape Search NexusMods for these names and you'll find them. I don't give direct links to mods anymore for several reasons. The cape has been re-modded by me (a mashup), so it won't look the same for you. Sorry. The boots are from another mod I've re-modded and are unavailable now. The author has retired from the modding scene. I would recommend VTaw's Wardrobe series which has some similar boots in at least one of them. In the Fallout section of this forum (website) there ar
  4. Yes, you're correct. I'm re-uploading them now. Sorry. I don't know what happened yet. Thanks for reporting the issue. I've re-uploaded the install files. Apparently all the textures files that were in subfolders didn't get picked up by the compression/zipping program. (Sigh) Thanks, Operand.
  5. Update 1.2 Release Notes Version 1.2 introduces an experimental aspect for this mod: glowing outfits. In this update, I wanted to explore the possibilities for texture development within Fallout 4. This is the result. Glowing Outfits There are six(6) glowing outfits added by this update: five(5) theme outfits (Power, Energy, Dawnstar, Light Side, Dark Side) and one(1) glowing bikini (Quest). In my testing of these outfits, I attempted to find the optimal setting for the brightness, or luminosity, for each one. I quickly realized that this is actually an impossibility s
  6. Sneak Peek #1: The Starlight Outfit (Jacket, Bikini) A dark jacket and bikini with a stellar view of the cosmos. A galactic scene on back of the jacket and a field of stars stretching over the arms and shoulders and on both parts of the bikini. The scene appears normally in bright light, but when in darker areas, the stars glow and shimmer giving a mesmerizing effect.
  7. Thanks, Michel889. This update is going to be a bit less lore-friendly, but I hope everyone will find something in it to enjoy. Getting good feedback is key to making designs people want.
  8. I won't be planning content of future updates until this one is out. As always, I'm glad to receive requests/suggestions from mod users. Thanks.
  9. Sneak Peek #2: Wildchild Outfit (Jacket, Bikini, Skirt) Inspired by the Harley Quinn character of Batman lore, this outfit is ideally suited for those who prefer to travel through life on the "less-frequented road not on the map". (Click to enlarge)
  10. Sneak Peek #3: Chrome Bikini and Nuka Cola Outfit (Jacket, Bikini, Skirt) As requested by a mod supporter, a Nuka Cola themed jacket and skirt will complete the outfit with the bikini that was released in the previous update.
  11. Sneak Peek: Spider Web Bikini When that slooty vampire costume just isn't slooty enough. One of the outfits in the next update for the Texture Expansion for Dicky's Pinup Outfit to be published soon. More sneak peeks to be posted here. (Click to enlarge)
  12. I don't recognize most of those mods, so I don't see anything jumping out at me that would cause the problem you're describing. Don't use the bikini items found in my mod (the ones named 'physics' and 'static'). Those are test objects I was using prior to releasing the last update and forgot to remove them. They're not dangerous to your game, just test versions that probably won't work well. They'll be removed after the next update anyway. Only use the bikini models in Dicky's mod. Sorry, that's my fault. Here's the corrected ESP's (without the test objec
  13. Hmm, that's strange. The textures should be covering the whole object (piece of clothing). Both the pink bikini and skirt textures cover the whole item. Not a problem. I interact with lots of people around the world on the internet. 🙂 I was just trying to understand so I could help. That's a shame (unfortunate). I'd like for you to be able to use the mod. There's another update I'm releasing in a few days, but I'm concerned (thinking) that it still won't work for you. In the meantime (until then), you can try installing a similar textures mod
  14. "Nothing"... meaning you couldn't find new options in the workbench? "Also not separate" -- Don't understand what you're stating. If you're not even seeing changes in the armor workbench, then something major is interfering with the mod. Don't know what you're describing here. The textures of this mod are complete. They've been tested prior to release and have been working for thousands of users for over a month without any issue being reported. I'll be glad to help to identify and fix whatever problem you're having, but I would need m
  15. Are you using Dicky's original mod (CBBE or FusionGirl) or a body conversion variant that someone else produced? If so, which one? Which version of this mod are you using: ESP or the ESL-flagged version? How many mods are you running currently? Vortex indicates this on the Plugins tab, at the top right, it will show "Active: ###".
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