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Near-vanilla mod suggestions?

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Hi all, so I recently picked up Oblivion in the Steam winter sale and honestly it feels a bit overwhelming getting into modding an entirely new game for me. I was hoping people would give me suggestions for the must have mods to improve the game while still keeping things close to vanilla experience for my first playthrough.



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Not about Mods but about how to install the game, and tools and Mod manager and other things you need that the Mods work.


Read my yellow Link below.

If you want to play without Sex Mods and with vanilla body you do not need the body part . You can ignore "nude Body mods" and "Skeleton for bouncing animations (BBB)"  and go on with  " archive invalidate: or SkyBSA ".

Then down to "2.  Problems during gameplay"


And must have Mods:  Ask 100 people and you get 100 must have Mod starter packs.

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