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Hi! Somebody can help me with "last_exception"?

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First, i only speak spanish so, sorry for my english. Ok, i have a problem with Nisa and WickedWhims, i try play a match and i see a "last_exception" error. I can't select a sim (option can't be opened). Sorry, i can't explain exactly what happened, so can you see the archive(s) and can you help me please? Thank's.

lastException.txt Nisas_Last_Exception.txt Old_WickedWhims_v147i_Exception_8_January_2020.txt WickedWhims.log WickedWhims_v147i_Exception.txt

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Don't know if these are from the same mod or not but it's one you need to either remove or update.


Failure: 'clayifiedsims_simulationfix' (clayifiedsims_simulationfix) (ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'clayifiedsims_simulationfix')




Also Nisa's Wicked Perversions is complaining about a sim/s not having a whoring outfit so one of your sims needs to go into Ho Control and select an outfit.


I'd post that LE on her page for more help.



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