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NIND's CBBE HDT/SMP Bodyslide 2 Conversions

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This thread will act as a curated list of my uploads to the site so far, with the main categories being: Functionally Nude, Skimpy, Normal, or Follower/Companion.


Specifying the clothing definitions:

Functionally Nude:  Anything that exposes the holes or breasts without modification on one or more outfits

Skimpy: Anything that exposes the majority of the (ass) cheeks but does not show any genitals

Normal:  Anything that doesn't fall into the previous two categories.




Amara CBBE patch  Ezarr Android 18 Follower CBBE Patch  Azula Conversion CBBE



Functionally Nude Outfits


twofas-string-bras-cbbe-bodyslide  55 Acessory CBBE  Honoka Pasties  Arsenic Slave outfit cbbe


Wuyi1 CBBE  Aradia Latex CBBE  Red Halter CBBE  511307108_2020-01-2918_27_24-CBBEBSAradiaLeatherArmorNINDRemake-ArmorClothing-LoversLab.png.886ffa5e06807956ab2b4a6a3fa6a01a.png






Skimpy Outfits


Daemon Girl Outfit CBBE LE  Oola Outfit cbbe  Armored Bikini  Zaitama Skimpy  cre 2018 christmas


Succubus Torn CbBE  hezimao 2019 cbbe Alpha  edhildils-cyborg-cbbe  442705752_2020-01-2918_28_02-DOADesign5CBBE-ArmorClothing-LoversLab.png.65be820f736fb1b1d1885d975f5aa5fd.png


426204708_2020-01-2918_26_40-CBBEAtagoRacingLEFIXED-ArmorClothing-LoversLab.png.e39d9c54659442cf11e5280a720be1e1.png  mai-bikini-cbbe-hdt-bodyslide  Haku Wedding Bikini  RZ Hurtful LilyDX Witcher Slutty Vars




Non-Skyrim Franchise Outfits


OnePieceNami  Dva Suit/Slootkini  Tracer Outfit CBBE  Unkown Armor CBBE  -bdor-mueburus-team-tal  Ashes In Fall



Normal Outfits


  Robes of Sorceress  EbonyKai  SunJeong Gajug






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