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All of my sims are rejecting interaction

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So my WickedWhims works fine if one Sim is masturbating and another joins in, but that seems to be the only way I can get two sims together. Even if my sim is asked for sex and I accept she still rejects it. I fixed all the settings to allow everything and turn the autonomy on so everything goes and yet whoever I ask or whoever asks me I'm always getting rejected. There seems to be no fix for this and none of the latest patches have fixed this. Again, if one of my sims masturbates and I ask another to join, the sex progression continues normally, but when it comes to first initiating anything it's always a rejection.

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I'm Having This same issue even Tho I've turn on all Cheats to allow every thing They still reject every thing...But They still get fully Nude when doing any thing Bathroom wise but everything else is rejected plus if I try to get a sim to do anything Solo My Game locks up and dose a Buzzing sound before crashing and it didn't do this before till after the newest Game update so maybe they have semi Killed the Wicked Sims Mod ??

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