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Losing Virginity ?

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If you're both talking about "buffs" it's a part of NisaK WP mod. The "cherry" buff have a % rate to set with tam explorer (not to 100% default if I remember correctly).



If you're talking about something else, be more specific. A screenshot can help sometimes.

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In my case, yes it's Nisa's WP.

But not really anything to do with cherry buffs, unless NPC's also have the Cherry thing added by random chance?


Main sim is Kiwi but not doing any whoring at the time, just visiting other newly generated NPC's households, like at University lots.


WW shows zero for all sex stats so I have to assume they are virgins.


Blood down their legs isn't consistent from one NPC to another, one has blood on leg and the next one doesn't.


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