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Hi NisaK, Edgy Web

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I tried to search at least 20 topic pages just in case my question was already asked/ answered. I cannot buy items off the edgy web since the new WW update 12/13/19. I made sure my WW, MCCC, and NisaK was up to date; Also, I did read a note that alleged NisaK changed Buy Mode for Teens due to Patreon guidelines????  (I read that post a month ago)            So, I tried with an Adult sim, and I am still not able to buy from the edgy web. Anyone, please let me know what I may have did wrong, did not update correctly, missed the memo of????? 


Thank You so much




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Some cc computers may not work normally with other mods.


Also had to remove LittleMsSams Personal Objects mod, could not get the University menu to show up on any computers.


You may have to try some other tricks as well if it's not another mod causing it.


1. Moving Nisa's Save Folder to your desktop and reload the game, save and exit.

(Then copy the folder you moved back into saves)


Delete your localthumbcache.package file every time you remove, change, or update, any mods or the game itself.


2. Try doing an Origin Repair.


You might get more ideas/help if posting in the Nisa's WP thread as not many ppl will see it here.

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