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HELP!! I can´t download Animations on WW !!!

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Okay, so it's always quite difficult to help with stuff if you don't know what someone else's screen looks like. 


I am assuming you are starting like this:


 Advanced issue found

<a href="https://ibb.co/8Dt7fZ2"><img src="https://ibb.co/8Dt7fZ2/ww-Animations.png" alt="ww-Animations" border="0"></a>



If you click on any of the links (or if you open any of the threads here on the forum) you should see the topic and the download page. There is either a very wide grey button labelled "View File" at the top or, at the right hand side, there should be a green button "Download file".


 Advanced issue found

<a href="https://ibb.co/dPrgr0C"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/Wk6t6W8/ww-Animations2.png" alt="ww-Animations2" border="0"></a>



Is this what you see? 


Presuming you are seeing everything as shown in the two screenshots above, it's possible that your computer's security settings keep you from downloading certain file types. You'd have to check your security settings and enable the download of the files. Usually, you find the security settings in the Options Menu. In most browsers, you can find them in the right hand corner.


PS: I hope I remembered how to insert pictures correctly; it's been a while.

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