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Fallout 4 & adult mods

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I've been playing the Sims 4 with sex mods & I know how that all works.

I just downloaded Fallout 4 GoTY edition & want you use the adult mods but I have no clue how to go about it.

To me, these 2 games seem to be set up very differently when it comes to installing & using mods.

First of all, what adult mods are the most important to have?  (like Sims 4 needs the Wicked Whims mod for any other sex mod to work)

How do I install the adult mods into the Fallout 4 game?  (Sims 4 has its own mods folder)

How do I activate the adult mods once I'm in the game or does just installing them turn them on?

Just out of curiosity, is there a FO4 adult mod that makes every NPC a hot chick?

Are there any adult mods that are junk that I should stay away from?  (I will only download FO4 mods from Lovers Lab for now)

Is there anything that I'm missing that I need to know?

I've only ever played FO4 on my Xbox & never on pc so this is why I have to ask these questions.

I mean no disrespect to anyone but please only answer me if you write well in English.  I don't want to misunderstand something & screw anything up.  I think I write pretty good, I'm just not great at where & when I'm supposed to use commas:(

I appreciate any help that I receive & I thank you in advance for it:)


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I recommend to use bodytalk+fusion girl

Outfit replace for fusion girl:


(Also there is version for cbbe body)


Also take a look at my mods, they are not important to have


Use mod manager to install mods, I recommned to use vortex, so you check requirements for each mod, install them with mod manager and enable, that is easy


First of all you will need f4se which installed manually and then launch game from f4se exe

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