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Can I add sexlab in mid game?

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I've only ever added it mid-game.


But you should try to have a hard save and a full game folder backup to roll back to, just in case something goes wrong with your overall install. As you won't be just installing SL but also a bunch of mods to actually get the action going - and a bunch of SL mods are either broken, unpredictable and possibly in conflict with each other. 



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Yes, you can.

But you should make what Pauduam says. And it's very important that you known how to install and use FNIS.

Also, you should be aware that some mods with sex change the NPCs AI, whem your character has sex with them, so you should be care with this because it can cause problems with others mods (like Maids Deception II or Rigmor of Bruma).

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