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  1. It seems like my character's genitals doesn't fully close so that you can see all the pink parts. I kinda like it better if it closes it fully so that it looks one thin line when standing. Is it how it's made to be or am I missing something?
  2. Is there a mod that adds Elisif's execution as well as her and Tullius' heads on pikes after Stormcloak's victory in the Civil War? If there isn't can any of y'all give me easy instruction of how to make one?
  3. There's another mod called Imperious in SE for stats and skills and stuff, so I can use this mod for them. But thanks a lot for the headsup! I'm gonna check that out to see what it offers Edit: I checked that again and I think I can make a use of it after getting rid of features that conflict with ones from Imperious. Again, thanks for letting me know!
  4. Is there a mod that changes physical/magical strengths based on the sex? Like usually men are physically stronger than women, so the mod makes it like male characters and npcs boost 25% of the physical strength than females. While females are usually more emotional than males and that enhances their magical strengths by 25%, something like this. If there is nothing like this, I'll make one myself, so I appreciate it if y'all who're experienced modder can give me some advice and all. I know a couple or three about modding, but consider I'm still a new to modding. Thank you.
  5. I'm looking for a mod that overhauls the combat system especially injury and healing process, like a mod that makes a wound as the first thing you have take care otherwise it will keep affecting your combat and health, and makes healing with heath potions/spells as the second thing you have to do to actually fills back up the health bar after dealing with wounds, if that makes sense. and it'd be even more immersive if it added animation to show you're patching your wounds. so basically a mod makes it like 1. you get injured 2. you get wounds and penalty according to the weapon 3. you patch the
  6. If so and you know where to look for or the direct link or something for it, please let me know.
  7. yeah with my new settings you could end up up to 1000 years in POP... lol
  8. Is there a mod that replaces the vanilla underwear with something more skimpier but the texture is similar so that it still looks it's made out of rags or leathers, and also works with UUNP NeverNude underwear?
  9. Well, I had already set it to 5 haha I set it 100 septims of bounty a day, but it's not fun you get the same sentence when you have a thousand septims for your bounty and when you have ten thousand septims for your bounty.
  10. Is there any way I can make the maximum sentence longer maybe even with CK? the max is 10 days but I want it even longer if that doesn't make anything more complicated than just making it repetitive.
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