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Bad enb fps with old presets, besides good pc (K enb). Better fps with most recent K enb. All of effects work, windows 10.

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My problem is bad performance in game with enb.
The first problem I had was this that sweetfx didn't work as intended becouse of windows 10, Happily i got rid of this problem by following the instruction of instaliing directx june 2010. 
So I installed directx june 2010 in main skyrim folder  precisely in DirectX 10 folder. Then when I installed ENB (I will touch this thread below) i have copied and pasted files: d3d11.dll and dxgi.dll from System32 to main skyrim folder.
I've changed lines in skyrimprefs.ini that are mandatory and installed required mods for ENB, happily I've directory with all ENB binaries, so for any enb preset I am using enb binary for which enb preset was created.
I have switched off ingame antyaliasing methods and also in drivers.
All effects of enb's works just fine, but the problem is, that it does not matter which version of K enb pure light I use (I mean  old versions: extreme, light performance, light quality) i got like 10 fps at most and I dont know what is causing this, but most recent versions work just fine, I mean (what is strange) in the most recent extreme version I have 15 fps, quality like 17 fps and performance avg 24 fps, so it is really strange that older presets impact my performance that much, specially that I have i5-8300h and gtx 1050 4GB, and I saw a installation video of K enb for 3.0 version and the dude said that he has gtx 780!!!! and he has like 15 fps with extreme version and like 30 fps with quality version.
So please help me with optimizing my skyrim cuz i have much better gpu than him (780) and i'm suffering worse performance than him!
Any help will be apreciated

Below i shared a picture that shows which settings I chose for skyrim in drivers. Basic language is polish so I tried my best to translate the settings into english, so don't be mean or idk. if smth seems funny in my translation but i'm not a technician guy, so I do not know the IT "language" either xd

nvidia 4.png

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You will not find DirectX anymore in Skyrim folder since Steam have changed its place to one that is shared by all games.

The new place is.

\Steam\steamapps\common\Steamworks Shared


When you start up Skyrim from inside Steam it will install it self if it not have done that before.

But some settings you should use is tell Nvidia to use best settings, and let it run on automatic. Click default and use that, that was my settings to when I did have the same GPU as you have.


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Well, perhaps but i don't know either. 
Look here is K enb folder which i am supposed to copy into skyrim main folder, and there are dxgi.dll, so thank you, I deleted d3d11.dll from my skyrim folder, but unfortunetly it does nothing...
Also without copying and pasting dxgi.dll from system 32 enb does not work, dark exteriors, sun not working, strange shine on player hairs and objects.


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