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I didn't know where to put this so I'll just drop it here and let the mods sort it out. Basically I've run into a bit of an issue whenever I link someone to a thread on this site.

The issue boils down to the "18 or older" popup not showing up if they're linked to a thread directly, but it does show up when they just go to loverslab.com

If they go to the main site URL, hit Yes, and then go back to the thread link it'll work fine though, dunno if it's an issue for anyone else but two people I've linked here have had this happen so I figured I might as well say something. For the record it obviously doesn't happen if they're logged in, or have already seen the banner.

It could be unlucky isolated incidents though but if I don't say anything it might not be noticed if it is an actual thing that's happening.

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