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  1. Steamcharts is useless as of Steam changing their API and being more stringent on what protections playerdata has. Furthermore, Oldrim is impossible to buy now and has been since SE came out so naturally player counts will be skewed. You're basically showing inaccurate and loaded data. Congrats, how very honest of you, if anything the fact that there's just under half of SE's playerbase still playing Skyrim should be a testament to it's longevity, but then again those numbers are inaccurate anyway. None of that follows, and referencing an older article is fine, the article states that
  2. What? Did you really just necro a thread to quote me with "lol" and that's it? Because Oldrim is objectively and demonstrably played more than SE, the mod NUMBERS and support are undeniably higher. When something has a bigger community by default there's more attention. That says nothing about the stability of SE, or its improved mod support more recently, but my statements remain factually correct. Do you have anything to add? Edit: Oh wait, you have 3 posts and 2 are missing. Great.
  3. Bit of an update on that slugbox post going around reddit. I probably should've gotten more context, but the fact remains Patreon's going a little nutty. There's a few more posts under this one that's embedded and some informational replies, as someone who prides themselves in not spreading misinformation it's also fitting I post this here because it pisses me off that I went off that reddit thread alone. My bad. As I type this he's still adding to the thread and explaining things. Regardless, we'll see what happens in the near future with Patreon making huge leaps in its a
  4. Ahahah~ Edge installing itself like spy/malware made me laugh. I used the w10 debloater and I think that made it impossible for Edge to install for me.
  5. People who can't fathom the idea that other grown adults would or could be spending ("waste" is subjective) their money in any way that isn't the way they do it. These people, when questioned on their own spending habits and their "objective" value, get increasingly defensive and aggressive with every answer they can't give, eventually citing "societal decline" as a factor despite their own impressive collection of "valueless" (subjective again) trinkets or purchases. You don't need that $1000 shoe rack, Karen, you're too fucking fat to leave the house anymore without your scooter but you keep
  6. Every day this week except Monday but including last weekend's Sunday and Saturday has broken a record for new covid19 cases. Oh boy~! I can't wait to not go back to work anytime soon.
  7. Using silly anime mods in Minecraft to fuck around and accidentally nuking my entire base I spent 3 hours on. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo~~ Worst part is there's not even blocks to recover it just deleted 'em. :<
  8. And again... And again... And again... And again... And again...
  9. My sense of humour. I'm well aware it's totally broken because of meme culture but when someone shows me this image and I laugh I don't know what to think:
  10. Is that Sams Undertale from famous internet game Undertale? I love that guy. YoU'Re GoNnA HaVE a BaD TiMe! Was hoping "hot cats" was a font. It is not.
  11. My brain went totally off left field with that and made it a porn scene I'm sure someone's already animated in SFM.
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