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NPC women have various body proportions

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I'm sure this has already been explained really well somewhere else but the biggest headache with modding skyrim for me has always been trying to achieve a varied look between NPC women. Whatever other mods I have installed always get boring fast if the women I'm looknig at all have the same tits and ass. I've tried a lot of different mods for this and NPCs always seem to look different with/without clothes and some clothes change their bodies entirely. If I fiddle round with bodyslide I only make things worse and the whole thing seems like a lot of work. Is there a recommended list of mods or a good tutorial available to make this idiot-proof?

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Well, I can't help you with an easy button, but some background to help you understand a few things I can provide.

Why NPC's can have a different body when naked than they do with clothes on.  This is due to the clothes having a body included with them.  Not all clothes/armors do this, but most do.  This is why that changes.   Bodyslide has numerous tutorials.  Just do a google search with bodyslide + youtube and you'll see a bunch of videos on how to install and use it.


A nexus search brought up the following mods:





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There are multiple options for providing each race and in some cases specific NPCs with their own body meshes, but you need to take great care with your loadorder because all of them are guaranteed to conflict with not only each other but all mods that modify race and/or the same specific NPCs... Which is what always turned me away from that. Creating your own patches specific to your modlist is tedious and prone to errors....

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The first option is called Bodygen, which is inbuilt into Racemenu. Basically you set up a bunch of presets and the NPCs get a randomly chosen preset for their body type. This is a little complex to use for first-timers if you don't understand how it integrates into the game. I don't use it personally as I prefer the base game's weight distribution. It would be unusual to see a very fat Aela for example, or a skinny Mjoll. With randomly generated weights, you can't control who gets what.


The second way is to use an in-game body changer mod, or to select each NPC individually as you encounter them and set up their bodies using Racemenu. You can do the latter using the fine mod called 'Manipulator', available here on LL. The best bodyshape to start with is something called zeroed sliders, which will help you when  you're making changes - though with this initially every NPC will look identical.


The third method (which I prefer using) is to use a single generated body for all females, but to creatively apply sliders to the base body for a wide variation of rendered body with small changes in weight. For example, you can set up your body to range from extra huge at the top end of the weight scale and very slim at the low end of the scale, and vary things like nip sizes, leg thickness etc to create more variety between NPCs. This allows for good variety while retaining the game's weight allocation.


As greg notes, the outfits have to also match the bodyshape and be compatible with Bodyslide, else the effect you see will only be visible under their clothes. Not very useful, I'll admit.


What you will need therefore is:


1. XPMSE skeleton


2. UUNP or CBBE body


3. Racemenu


4. Bodyslide


5. Bodyslide-compatible armor/clothing replacer and/or standalone sets


Once you have everything set up you should build the bodies and then build the outfits. Even if you pre-build a body, you can tweak it using Manipulator in-game but the nature and extent of the changes you make will depend on the shape you've chosen. Install them one by one and you shouldn't have an issue.

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