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MCG Zodiac Integration

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MCG Zodiac Integration

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A really simple mod which adds an interface between Zodiac and Magno Cum Gaudio (MCG) for FO4.


Well, even "adds an interface" is kind of overstatement since the only function it has (at least for now) is increasing your infamy by 2 when you service a Zodiac client. And that's it. I just though not having a bad reputation for being a prostitute wasn't immersive.


Testing it took more time than writing it, still if there are any problems, please let me know. The mod adds traces to the papyrus log with "MCG_Zodiac" labels, one when the mod loads, and two per event (any sex animation and the one about "Infamy increased", so you might check for those if something is wrong.


Released under Mozilla Public License 2.0


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To see someone finally noticing and making use of the MCG API makes me happy, thank you so much.

It's a simple and straightforward mod which does its job. I already see all the potential of this in case you'll intend to expand this, for example you could attach an MCM .json file which modify with a slider a global variable that is read before modifying the MCG infamy so users may customize the amount of infamy added for each zodiac sex act! And you could add in the future other ways (dialogues, Zodiac situations?) to reset or decrease the MCG infamy.

Wish you good luck and good work.



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Thank you, @Martin56. I might add MCM, because why not? 


But adding extra processing of Zodiac events has a problem with Zodiac providing no source, so even for a trivial mod like this one I had to go asking developers for a way to plug into its system, I just was annoyed too much by not having those infamy increases, so I made this mod as I had to. And I'm definitely not in the mood to go through its Papyrus Assembly the same way I did for CWSS to fix its showers. I wish the world had more of anghelos92 :)


If Zodiac developers ever choose to publish the sources, I might give the idea of adding more features another look. I mean - its developers were helpful and nice, but a good API developer IMO is the one you end up never having to talk to. And Zodiac just doesn't have any API.

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4 minutes ago, Ulfbearth said:

Hey thanks for this! What are you planning next if i may ask?

You're (and everyone else) is welcome and thanks for the foundations you guys have provided.


Planning in general, you mean? First, fix the PreVis issues with CWSS furniture placement patcher. Finish the large project I'm busy with at my work. Get some rest and do some modding, I was thinking about making a porn studio mod, with a "Golden Globes" studio placed in Diamond City (moved from New Reno after the place was overrun by the Write prudes, a lame excuse is better than nothing, I guess). Then have a day off.

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On 7/8/2020 at 4:24 AM, Carabosse said:

Found it.


Is that a gameboy stuck in your head?


Hi, thank you for the link - it's still working, by the way. I'm sorry to bother, but could you also please at least briefly describe what is this Zodiac all about? I'm am MCG user, and was looking for ways to expand its functionality. This mod seems to provide that, but requires Zodiac, so I was curious what is this Zodiac about to find out if it's something I could use in my current playthrough, thank you!

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