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Geck help: Greetings topic


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This seems noobish, but I can't figure it out:


Why is my Greetings topic for a new NPC not working?


I have a Greetings topic with GetIsID (my NPC) == 1.0, no other conditions. It isn't used; instead I get the generic topic "What do you need?" This is with or without the NPC belonging to a faction.


As a workaround, I've used top-level topics, but I'd rather have control over the greeting.

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Quest priority. If various quests have lines for the same topic (ie greeting), the quest priority sorts out the winner, along with conditions of course.

I think topic priority has to do with how high the topic shows up in the dialogue menu, ie the topic with higher priority will simply be earlier in the list of choices. (At least, that's what I read somewhere, never fiddled with that myself.) In any case, when it comes to greeting, that would be NA, and it's bad form to touch anything else relating to greeting (like addtopic), except for adding lines.

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