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My Deathclaws are really small

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Deathclaws in game are not even as tall as my character. Modlist attached. 


"0000","+","DLC: Wasteland Workshop"
"0001","+","DLC: Vault-Tec Workshop"
"0002","+","DLC: Nuka-World"
"0003","+","DLC: Far Harbor"
"0004","+","DLC: Contraptions Workshop"
"0005","+","DLC: Automatron"
"0007","+","Advanced Animation Framework"
"0008","+","Mod Configuration Menu"
"0009","+","Unlimited Companion Framework"
"0010","+","ZaZ-Extended-Skeleton (ZeX)"
"0011","+","CBP Physics for Fallout 4"
"0012","+","ZCBP - CBP Configs for ZeX Bodies (BT2 - Fusion Girl)"
"0013","+","ZeX - Fusion Girl"
"0014","+","BodySlide and Outfit Studio"
"0015","+","Looks Menu Customization Compendium"
"0017","+","Homemaker - Expanded Settlements"
"0018","+","Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR)"
"0020","+","Settlement Keywords Expanded v1.60"
"0021","+","Settlement Supplies Expanded"
"0022","+","Settlement Objects Expansion Pack"
"0023","+","Prisoner Shackles"
"0024","+","BodyTalk V2"
"0025","+","Devious Devices 2.0"
"0026","+","AAF VanillaKinkyCreatures Sex Animation Themes"
"0027","+","Atomic Lust"
"0028","+","Release 50Shades v01 05"
"0029","+","Release 50Shades FluidPatch"
"0030","+","Release NSFWsoundpack 03 01"
"0031","+","bp70FO4sexanimations 2"
"0032","+","FARELLE ANIM MOD DEV 0"
"0033","+","FO4 AnimationsByLeito v2"
"0034","+","AAF Bondage Animations 2.00"
"0035","+","Release CreaturePack v03 00"
"0036","+","Deathclaw Penises v3.1"
"0037","+","Mirelurk King Penises v3.1"
"0038","+","FO4 CreatureGameAssets v1"
"0039","+","Mutated Lust v1.3"
"0040","+","SavageCabbages Animation Pack"
"0042","+","VIO Strapon"
"0043","+","Release CreaturePackDLC v01"
"0044","+","Devious Devices Face Morphs 0.2"
"0045","+","DDFO4 - Fusion Girl Bodyslide"
"0046","+","AAF Vanilla Fudge V1"
"0048","+","Rogg DD Items Manager"
"0049","+","AAF patches for Leito and Crazy animations"
"0050","+","CumNWealth Patches Base"
"0051","+","RSE II Resources ESM"
"0052","+","RSE II CSA"
"0053","+","RSE II CSA RacePatch"
"0054","+","Release BadEnd v01 05"
"0055","+","AAF Violate Purgatory 1.0"
"0056","+","Raider Pet v1_4 Localized"
"0057","+","Futanari FEV 2.1.1 AAF"
"0058","+","Immersive Lovers Embrace Remastered"
"0059","+","Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch"
"0060","+","Settler and Companion Dialogue Overhaul"
"0061","+","We Are The Minutemen"
"0062","+","Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar v2.5a"
"0063","+","Longer Power Lines"
"0064","+","Josie Body - A CBBE and Fusion Girl BodySlide Preset"
"0065","+","Better Female Walk"
"0066","+","The Eyes of Beauty Fallout Kaleidoscope Edition - All-in-One"
"0067","+","Fusion Girl Unzipped Vault Suit"
"0068","+","Fallout 4 High Heels System"
"0069","+","Selfish Heels - High Heel Pack 1 (Fusion Girl )"
"0070","+","Bobble Girl"
"0071","+","Vault Girl Perk Tree"
"0072","+","Idiot Savant to Idiot Slut"
"0073","+","Honest Abe's Armor Series CBBE"
"0074","+","Honest Abe's Armor Series -Fusion Girl Bodyslide Data"
"0075","+","Boston Breeder 1.6.1"
"0076","+","Deviously Cursed Wasteland V1.4"
"0077","+","Deviously Cursed Menu"
"0079","+","Vault Girl Mod Alpha"
"0082","+","Female Outfit Replacer for Fusion Girl"
"0083","+","Real Handcuffs"
"0084","+","RSE II AbductionsAddonPack"
"0086","+","AAFTurnTheLightON v1"
"0087","+","AAF Animated Fannies"
"0088","+","f4se 0 06 19"
"0089","+","Valkyr Female Face Textures"
"0090","+","Commonwealth Cuts"
"0091","+","Vivid Weathers"
"0092","+","Sarah Preset"
"0093","+","Videos of the Wasteland 2.6"
"0094","+","Hot and Horny Wastelands - Magazines"
"0095","+","VotW Shadbase Animations"

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